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travel-destinationsTraveling helps people to take a break from their routine grinding schedule & relax as also explore new wonders of this majestic world. Whatever your reason could be, we can help you out to choose the destination best suited for you, be it for leisure, business, pilgrimage or research.


Health and Wellness

travel-destinationsEarly to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise?!!
Unfortunately those ages have passed and routines have changed. We understand that the above rhyme doesn’t meet the daily routine of most of the people be it men or women. Staying fit has been the mantra since past many years and Importance of health and wellness is growing immensely in this world. We understand your needs and offer you best of information on Health and wellness.



travel-destinationsEvery country has different culture, traditions and lifestyle which is very much depicted in the Festival and events that they host. From traditional festivals to annual music or rock shows to annual sports events, traditional food festival and the list is endless. You would not want to miss on these special events. Catch up with what’s going on around the world so you can enjoy whenever & wherever you can.


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Tentaran.com is designed and launched with the objective of helping, discovering information and engaging content for Leisure & Pleasure as also the curated information which enriches your life and online experience. As no online experience is complete without special ‘Deals’, we also bring you a range of offers and discount deals. Go ahead and explore!

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