Shiv Puja : Things you should not offer on Shivlinga

While performing Puja of Shivlinga, do not offer the following:   Turmeric or Haldi     Turmeric is feminine is

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Navagraha Peedaa hara strotra – नवग्रह पीड़ाहर स्तोत्र

  As per Hindu mythology, there are 9 Planets, also known as Navagrahas. The Navagraha Peedaa hara strotra – नवग्रह

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शनि वज्रपंजरकवचम् – Shanivajrapanjara Kavacham in Sanskrit with English meaning

  The Shani Vajra Panjara Kavacham in Sanskrit, pronunciation and meaning in English. Shani or Saturn, is believed to be

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