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India Has recently witnessed a Major Move made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Demonetisation. Although it was a move to curb Black money, corruption and terrorist funding, it has made a  major impact on Common man of the nation. It is good for few and bad for others.

Oppositions have strongly condemned the move. Some says it was dictatorial, some announces it to be the perfect step, some says it was not implemented properly, on the other hand it is argued that one can’t manage such vast population, a country with 1.2 billion people is not easy to handle, especially in such panic situations.

Anyways, Every major decisions have both positive as well as negative aspects, some suffer, some rejoice, some curse, some praise, and some are totally aloof from the ongoing.

What impact does demonetisation had on you? What was your experience with the banks and in the bank queues? Are you frustrated with the government’s decision or happy that they at last took a step further?

Let it out. Your voice!  Your frustration! Your happiness!  Your anger!  Your patience!  Your ideas!

Proposal A: In favor of Decision by Indian Government

Votes 14  

Proposal B: Not in favor of Decision by Indian Government

Jahanvi Nijhawan

Votes 12  

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  1. The idea of demonetization is good but government preparation is very bad. Common People are facing problems.

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