10 Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

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Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna – Lord Krishna is one of the most worshipped and adored gods among the Hindus and other religions. Since Lord’s birthday which is celebrated as ‘Krishna Janamasthmi’ is around the corner, let’s find out some very interesting and unknown facts about Lord Krishna.

unknown facts about lord krishna

Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

1. Krishna died of several curses that accumulated in his life while carrying out his karma. His deceitful killing of monkey King Bali and Sage Durvasa’s curse to have weak feet when Krishna denied his orders to apply kheer to his feet. Hence his death came through his feet.

2. Gandhari the mother of 100 Kauravas knew about Krishna’s power that had he wanted, he could have stopped the war from happening, since the war took place and her sons died, she cursed Krishna and the entire Yadava clan to finish after 36 years.

Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

3. Krishna was killed by an arrow hitting his foot. The Jara hunter who mistook his foot as a deer’s flesh was essentially King Bali in his previous birth, who was killed by Lord Rama, who was like Krishna, Lord Vishnu’s avatar.

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4. In the coronation ceremony of Yudhishthira, all the great kings were invited. When Yudhishthira started to pay homage to them he started with Krishna, as he considered him to be the greatest of all. At this, Yudhishthira’s cousin king Shishupal felt offended and started lambasting Krishna, Krishna took his first one hundred fits of abuse because he had promised Shishupal’s mother to not kill her son until one hundred abuses. But as soon as he spoke his one hundred and first abuse; Krishna took his Virat or majestic avatar and killed Shishupal. It is assumed that Shishupal and Dantavakra were previously Jaya and Vijaya, Vishnu’s guards who were to achieve salvation through Krishna in the human form.

Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

5. After it was prophesized that Vasudeva and Devaki’s eighth son would be responsible for Kansa’s death, Kansa killed all their children. After killing Kansa, Krishna later on, revived all his siblings that were killed by Kans. The names of his siblings were Kirttimat, Sushena, Udayin, Bhadrasena, Rijudasa, and Bhadradeha.


6. In the last two decades, Krishna worship has gained tremendous popularity. Songs and prayers dedicated to Krishna have been used in many folk dances like Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri Dance, etc. The instances of tales of Krishna’s life are also found in Jain and Buddhist texts.

Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

7. Krishna with Balarama brought back to life his Guru Sandipani Muni’s son when their guru asked for his lost son in guru dakshina from them, who was lost in the ocean near Prabhasa. Krishna and Balarama found out that he was trapped by a demon and they successfully freed him.

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8. Even though it is believed that Radha and Krishna never met each other after Krishna left Vrindavan, in the last days of Radha’s life she comes to meet him in Dwarka and asks to stay in his palace as a maid, to which he agrees, but she feels indifferent and disconnected to Krishna there. She then decides to stay alone in a forest.

9. In the last moments of Radha’s life in the forest, Krishna comes and fulfills her last wish to play the flute to her. Krishna’s flute playing for Radha was not interrupted by any god or nature, he continued to play flute for several days in continuance till Radha’s soul left her body to merge with his.

Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna

10. The two things that were truly close to Krishna were his beloved Radha and his flute. After he left Vrindavan and separated from her he never ever played it afterward until one last time for Radha and at the demise of his beloved, he broke his flute to mark her end.

These are some of the Unknown Facts about Lord Krishna.

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