108 names of Lord Rama with mantras

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Know all the 108 names of Rama. Lord Rama or Ram is a major Hindu deity. He is known to be the 7th avatar of God Vishnu. He is also the central character in the epic Ramayana. Not one this, Lord Rama was born on the ninth day of the lunar month – Chaitra (March-April) after which this day is celebrated as Ram Navami all across India every year.

108 names of rama

Here are 108 names of Rama by which he is recognized along with the mantra names by which we can recite these names of Lord Rama…

Shree Rama – Om Shriramaya Namah।

Ramabhadra – Om Ramabhadraya Namah।

Ramachandra – Om Ramachandraya Namah।

Shashwata – Om Shashwataya Namah।

Rajeevalochana – Om Rajivalochanaya Namah।

Shrimate – Om Shrimate Namah।

Rajendra – Om Rajendraya Namah।

Raghupungava – Om Raghupungavaya Namah।

Janakivallabha – Om Janakivallabhaya Namah।

Jaitra – Om Jaitraya Namah।

Jitamitra – Om Jitamitraya Namah।

Janardana – Om Janardanaya Namah।

Vishwamitrapriya – Om Vishwamitrapriyaya Namah।

Danta – Om Dantaya Namah।

Sharanatrana Tatpara – Om Sharanatranatatparaya Namah।

Valipramathana – Om Valipramathanaya Namah।

Vagmine – Om Vagmine Namah।

Satyavache – Om Satyavache Namah।

Satyavikrama – Om Satyavikramaya Namah।

Satyavrata – Om Satyavrataya Namah।

Vratadhara – Om Vratadharaya Namah।

Sada Hanumadashrita – Om Sadahanumadashritaya Namah।

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All the 108 names of Rama – Jai Shree ram – Jai Shri ram

Kausaleya – Om Kausaleyaya Namah।

Kharadhwamsi – Om Kharadhwansine Namah।

Viradhavadhapandita – Om Viradhavadhapanditaya Namah।

Vibheeshanaparitrata – Om Vibhishanaparitratre Namah।

Harakodandakhandana – Om Harakodandakhandanaya Namah।

Saptatalaprabhetta – Om Saptatalaprabhetre Namah।

Dashagreeva Shirohara – Om Dashagrivashiroharaya Namah।

Jamadagnya Mahadarpadalana – Om Jamadagnyamahadarpadalaya Namah।

Tatakantaka – Om Tatakantakaya Namah।

Vedantasara – Om Vedantasaraya Namah।

Vedatma – Om Vedatmane Namah।

Bhavarogasya Bheshajam – Om Bhavarogasyabheshajaya Namah।

Dooshanatrishirohanta – Om Dushanatrishirohantre Namah।

Trimurti – Om Trimurtaye Namah।

Trigunatmaka – Om Trigunatmakaya Namah।

Trivikrama – Om Trivikramaya Namah।

Trilokatma – Om Trilokatmane Namah।

Punyacharitra Keertana – Om Punyacharitrakirtanaya Namah।

Trilokarakshaka – Om Trilokarakshakaya Namah।

Dhanvi – Om Dhanwine Namah।

Dandakaranya Kartana – Om Dandakaranyakartanaya Namah।

Ahalyashapashamana – Om Ahalyashapashamana Namah।

Pitrabhakta – Om Pitribhaktaya Namah।

Varaprada – Om Varapradaya Namah।

Jitendriya – Om Jitendriyaya Namah।

Jitakrodha – Om Jitakrodhaya Namah।

Jitamitra – Om Jitamitraya Namah।

Jagadguru – Om Jagadgurave Namah।

Rikshavanara Sanghati – Om Rikshavanarasanghatine Namah।

Chitrakoot Samashraya – Om Chitrakutasamashrayaya Namah।

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All the 108 names of Rama – Jai Shree ram – Jai Shri ram

Jayantatranavarada – Om Jayantatranavaradaya Namah।

Sumitraputra Sevita – Om Sumitraputrasevitaya Namah।

Sarvadevadideva – Om Sarvadevadidevaya Namah।

Mrutavanarajeevana – Om Mritavanarajivanaya Namah।

Mayamareechahanta – Om Mayamarichahantre Namah।

Mahadeva – Om Mahadevaya Namah।

Mahabhuja – Om Mahabhujaya Namah।

Sarvadevastuta – Om Sarvadevastutaya Namah।

Soumya – Om Saumyaya Namah।

Brahmanya – Om Brahmanyaya Namah।

Munisanstuta – Om Munisanstutaya Namah।

Mahayogi – Om Mahayogine Namah।

Mahodara – Om Mahodaraya Namah।

Sugreevepsita Rajyada – Om Sugrivepsitarajyadaya Namah।

Sarva Punyadhikaphala – Om Sarvapunyadhikaphalaya Namah।

Smrita Sarvaghanashana – Om Smritasarvaghanashanaya Namah।

Adipurusha – Om Adipurushaya Namah।

Paramapurusha – Om Paramapurushaya Namah।

Mahapurusha – Om Mahapurushaya Namah।

Punyodaya – Om Punyodayaya Namah।

Dayasara – Om Dayasaraya Namah।

Puranapurushottama – Om Puranapurushottamaya Namah।

Smitavaktra – Om Smitavaktraya Namah।

Mitabhashi – Om Mitabhashine Namah।

Purvabhashi – Om Purvabhashine Namah।

Raghava – Om Raghavaya Namah।

Anantaguna Gambhira – Om Anantagunagambhiraya Namah।

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All the 108 names of Rama – Jai Shree ram – Jai Shri ram

Dheerodatta Gunottama – Om Dhirodattagunottamaya Namah।

Mayamanushacharitra – Om Mayamanushacharitraya Namah।

Mahadevadipujita – Om Mahadevadipujitaya Namah।

Setukrute – Om Setukrite Namah।

Jitavarashaya – Om Jitavarashaye Namah।

Sarvatirthamaya – Om Sarvatirthamayaya Namah।

Hari – Om Haraye Namah।

Shyamanga – Om Shyamangaya Namah।

Sundara – Om Sundaraya Namah।

Shoora – Om Shuraya Namah।

Peetavasa – Om Pitavasase Namah।

Dhanurdhara – Om Dhanurdharaya Namah।

Sarvayagyadhipa – Om Sarvayajnadhipaya Namah।

Yajvane – Om Yajvine Namah।

Jaramarana Varjita – Om Jaramaranavarjitaya Namah।

Shivalingapratishthata – Om Shivalingapratishthatre Namah।

Sarvapagunavarjita – Om Sarvapagunavarjitaya Namah।

Paramatma – Om Paramatmane Namah।

Parabrahma – Om Parabrahmane Namah।

Sachidananda Vigraha – Om Sachchidanandavigrahaya Namah।

Paramjyoti – Om Paramjyotishe Namah।

Paramdhama – Om Paramdhamne Namah।

Parakasha – Om Parakashaya Namah।

Paratpara – Om Paratparaya Namah।

Paresha – Om Pareshaya Namah।

Paraga – Om Paragaya Namah।

Para – Om Paray Namah।

Sarvadevatmaka – Om Sarvadevatmakaya Namah।

Parasme – Om Parasmai Namah।

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