200 priests and 3000 devotees in Yagna for Jayalalithaa

Yagna was organized to pray for Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa, who has been hospitalized for over a month.


Over 3000 devotees and members of Ruling party, AIADMK joined the Yagna on Tuesday.

Lawmaker R Vvetrivel organized the “108 Mrityunjay Yagna”, which cost him Rs 35 lakh.
Mr. Vetrivel said, “We worship her like anything. We want her to come back fully recovered.”
Vats of ghee and firewood, fruits, flowers, and almonds were used as fuel for the ritual pyre. Images showed thousands of plates full of grains and spices arranged around the priests.


Women present in the prayers were major supporters, who were gifted identical saris.

An Anandhi from Ms. Jayalalithaa’s constituency said: “God will not abandon us. We have come for these prayers with so much faith…”
Jayalalitha has been in Chennai’s Apollo hospital since September 22.

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