Aleppo Facing heaviest Bombardment since war has begun

Aleppo was pounded with an airstrike by Syrian Regime forces for the sixth day on Sunday. The airstrike has brought the death toll to almost 300 since the war begun 5 years back.


Latest reported violence was a chemical attack that killed four children and their parents.

Syrian Civil defense also is known as White helmets said The Syrian regime resumed heavy bombardment over eastern Aleppo on Tuesday, killing 289 people by Saturday.

Ismail Abdallah from the White Helmets said, “This is the heaviest bombardment I have seen in the past five years”.

Disturbing videos have been released showing devastated family.

The city has been described as no less than a Holocaust. Where the city has been divided into government-controlled areas in the west and rebel positions in the east.

An Aleppo resident stated, “Inside the city of Aleppo is a Holocaust”. He said neighbors and families were sharing what little food they had left to survive.

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