Ashtavinayak Temples – These 8 temples of Lord Ganesha complete Ashtavinayak yatra

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Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra – The elephant-headed god, Ganesha holds great significance for Hindus. In Sanskrit, Ashtavinayak means “eight Ganeshas”. Ashtavinayaka yatra trip is a pilgrimage to the eight Hindu temples in Pune, Maharashtra. This yatra covers the eight ancient temples of Lord Ganesha. Each temple has its own individual legend, history, and idol of Ganesha. The yatra begins and ends at Mayureshwar Mandir in Morgaon, and this should be completed in one go. The entire journey is around 654 km.ashtavinayak temples in maharashtra

Introducing you to Ashtavinayak names – Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra – 8 important temples of Lord Ganesha in Maharashtra, that form part of the Ashtavinayak yatra.

Mayureshwar Temple, Morgaon, Punemayureshwar temple morgaon pune

  • The Mayureshwar Temple, also known as the Moreshwar temple, is situated approx. 65 km from Pune on the banks of Karha River in Morgaon.
  • It has a three-eyed idol of Ganesha seated with his trunk turned towards the left. The deity is lined by the consorts of the Lord,  Siddhi, and Riddhi.
  • The Ashtavinayak yatra begins from here. The temple is 50 feet tall and has 4 minarets around. The temple has four entrance doors, each in the cardinal sense of Ganesha.
  • There is a Nandi statue in front of the temple’s entrance which makes it more unique.

Ashtavinayak names – Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra

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Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhateksiddhivinayak temple siddhatek

  • Siddhivinayak Temple is situated in the Karjat taluka, Ahmadnagar on the banks of the Bhima River. The temple is situated in the village of Siddhatek, 100 km from Pune.
  • The Ganesha idol kept in this temple is the only idol that has its trunk placed to the right side. It is believed that the Ganesha with the right-side trunk is difficult to please but he is very powerful.
  • The interesting part is the idol is only 3 feet tall but if a person tries to complete the round around this temple, it takes more than 30 minutes.
  • Here, the Ganesha is placed in a brass frame. The temple is also surrounded by lush greenery.
  • The sanctum was built by the Maharani of Indore, Ahilyabai Holkar. It is constructed with black stone. Here you will also find a Shiva-panchayatana (surrounded by Devi, Vishnu, Ganesha and Surya).

Ashtavinayak names – Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra

Ballaleshwar Temple, Raigadballaleshwar temple raigad

  • The Ballaleshwar Temple is situated in Pali village in Raigad district and is about 120 km from Pune.
  • It is believed that Lord Ganesh appeared in front of his devotee, Ballal in the form of a Brahman. Ballaleshwar is the only incarnation of Ganesha which is known by a devotee’s name.
  • The temple was reconstructed by Nana Phadanavis in 1760.
  • This temple has two sanctums, the inner one, and the hall. The inner one holds the Ganesha idol and Ganesha’s vahan mushak (mouse) with modak (special sweets offered to Ganesh) in his forepaws. The hall is supported by eight carved pillars, which depict the eight directions.
  • The Ganesh idol has diamonds embedded in the eyes and navel with his trunk pointing to the left.

Ashtavinayak names – Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra

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Varadvinayak Temple, Raigadvaradvinayak temple raigad

  • Varadvinayak temple is situated in Mahad village, Raigad which is 146 km from Pune.
  • The idol of Ganesha faces east and has his trunk to the left. An oil lamp, named Nandadeep, keeps burning here 24×7. It is believed that the deep has been burning since 1892.
  • The temple was founded by Subhedar Ramji Mahadev Biwalkar in 1725 A.D.
  • The infrastructure of this temple is highly elaborate with 4 giant elephants all on the four corners and the dome with a cobra design.
  • Here, devotees from Ashta Vinayak can personally enter the Garbagriha and pay homage to Lord Ganesha.

Chintamani Temple, Punechintamani temple pune

  • Chintamani Temple, also known to be one of the most famous of the eight revered shrines, is situated in Theur village, 25 km from Pune.
  • Ganesha is worshiped by the name ‘Chintamani’ as he provides deliverance from worries.
  • Earlier, this temple was known as Kadambanagar. It was built almost 100 years ago by the Peshwas.
  • As you enter the temple, you’ll find a hall that has a black stone water fountain. Besides the central shrine of Ganesha, there are three smaller shrines of Lord Shiva, Vishnu-Lakshmi and Hanuman.

Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra – Mosst famous Ganesha temples

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Girijatmaj Temple, Lenyadrigirijatmaj temple lenyadri

  • Girijatmaj Temple is situated 97 km from Pune and one has to climb 307 steps to reach the caves of the temple.
  • The caves are 7 feet tall and 53 feet wide and were built in the 1st and 3rd centuries AD.
  • Sun rays are the only source of light inside the temple. 
  • This beautiful temple is carved out of a single stone and faces south. Here, the idol is not a separate idol but has been carved on a stone wall of the cave and only one eye of the idol can be seen.

Vigneshwara Temple, Ozarvigneshwara temple ozar

  • The temple of Vigneshwara is situated on the banks of Kukadi River which is 95 km away from Pune.
  • This beautiful temple is enclosed by high stone walls from all sides. The idol of Ganesha faces the east and has its trunk towards the left. The Ganesha is lined by the idols of Riddhi and Siddhi.
  • The idol is covered with sindoor and the navel is embellished with diamonds.
  • It is said in this temple, Lord Ganesha defeated Vighnasur (a demon) and during the war, the demons asked Ganesha for pity to which Ganesha said that his name (Vighnasur) will be added before Lord Ganesha’s name, this way the temple got its name Vighneshwar.

Ashtavinayak names – Ashtavinayak temple names – Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra

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Mahaganapati Temple, Ranjangaonmahaganapati temple ranjangaon

  • Mahaganapati Temple is situated in Ranjhan, a short distance from Pune.
  • This is the most special temple out of all 8 temples and it is believed that Lord Shiva built this temple, where he adorated Ganesha. The inner sanctum was built by Peshwa Madhavrao to house the swayambhoo.
  • The idol faces the east with its trunk towards the left in a cross-legged stance. Here, the idol of Ganesha has ten trunks and twenty hands.
  • The temple faces east and is built in a way that the sun rays fall directly on the idol. The idol of Ganesha is flanked by the idol of Riddhi and Siddhi.

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