Health Astrology predictions for July 2018

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Check health astrology predictions for July 2018 by Ms.Ritu Shukla as per your zodiac sign.

health astrology predictions for July 2018

The hectic madness of everyday work-life schedule tends to take a toll on our health, hence it’s very important to take care of our health. These recommended health astrology predictions for July 2018 would help you to understand which areas of your health need to be more cared for.

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For Ram’s the sign Lord Mars has just turned retrograde, it is in conjunction with Ketu and under aspect of Rahu and Mercury so your knees can be a sensitive organ this month. Those suffering from BP or sugar should keep monitoring their BP and Sugar Levels. With 4th house under heavy impact, you should take care of health matters related to chest, lungs and heart area. Follow a regular fitness regime to keep yourself active and hearty. Intake of a lot of water will help to flush out toxins and keep you going fit.


Transiting Sun will keep on influencing your face area during the month of July 2018. So few among you can be susceptible to changing problems ENT-related problems can have an onset once again. There can be cold fever or Breathing discomfort. Don’t take too much of cold delicacies as they can complicate your breathing pattern. Improve upon breathing pattern. If your health permits, you should go for breathing exercises and a routine brisk walk. With major planetary influence on the 9th house, some of you can face stiffness in thigh muscles. A gentle massage will keep most of you away from this health concern.


With Mars-Ketu conjunction in 8th house of diseases of chart, it’s time to adhere to a  strict dietary pattern.  Avoid spicy food; otherwise, chest burns and indigestion is bound to follow. You have to control over the sweet tooth. For few, there can be problems related to abdominal and sexual organs. With Planetary conjunctions influencing your 2nd house so some may face health concerns related to eyesight, hearing problem or a headache. If it happens it’s time to relax, unwind and give some time to yourself. Meditation is the best cure for the month. Think positively and trust in the universe’s healing energy.

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With Mercury, Rahu, Mars and Ketu influencing your head region and 7th house of death-inflicting situations head and cranium area can be a source of concern. Some of you may be a victim of a frequent headache. Those on regular medication may find a need to change the prescribed medicines. Females can find themselves struggling with sudden hormonal problems. Menstrual problems of many can get disturbed. With multiple planetary afflictions on 7th house of health in general one may face issues related to lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, and kidneys. To remain in good health and spirit one may stick to home cooked food. Packed and Junk food should be avoided for the month.


Relationship issues and emotional stress can be the root cause of your health concerns during the month. Patients with severe health issues may require urgent hospitalization. Some need to change your old dietary and exercise regimes as they might not generate desired benefits for you. For most of you, abdomen, kidney, spleen and intestine are sensitive organs for the month. Hence there should be an increase in intake of green leafy vegetables and water to stay healthy. Some among you may face issues related to acidity or gastric troubles. Hence avoid spicy and fried foods.  You should take care of your eating habits and should follow the doctor’s advice.


During this month the Sun and Mercury will keep on influencing your chest, lungs, liver, upper abdomen, blood and Calf muscles. Some of you may face problems related to digestive and breathing system. Daily routines and general health care will need more attention than you’ve been inclined to give them in the past. You may have to deal with changed health conditions. Don’t try to minimize the impact or import of health needs by ignoring them or playing them down. Be specific, practical and immediate in your effort to put things right. Put new regimes of healthcare or self-nurture in place when necessary. If you need to change what you do because of health requirements then do so. Be active and dynamic with health regimes.

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With Mars and Saturn influence on health-related sectors, few may face concern related to Indigestion and breathing problem. Issues related to upper abdomen, liver, gallbladder, spleen and intestines can be at the forefront. To remain in good health and spirits one should intake a lot of fluids. Avoid sweet products and have more green leafy vegetables. As for you all houses are activities hence you may face general ailments related to one or other issues. Don’t turn aggressive with your health regime. Slow and gradual change in regime will deliver good benefits to you in coming days. It will be important to balance the demands with changed healthcare requirements. Don’t focus on work at the expense of health.


During July 2018 Retrograde Mars will keep on influencing Chest, lung and heart area. Sun will be impacting the area of sexual organs and emotional stress and Mercury will keep on posing a challenge on nerves and skin related issues. This is the month when your health demands due care. Health problems can surface if you ignore warnings and forget to maintain balance in all aspects of life. The existing disease, if any, may be under control. Indigestion and nervous disorders are also threats for few. You need to maintain energy levels and take good care of your health. Keep a good regime with diet and exercise. Plenty of liquids to cool your body system and to flush out toxins are recommended.


Transiting Mars will keep influencing your Neck, shoulder and collarbone area during the month. With this Sun and Mercury will keep influencing your facial organs, head, pineal gland and cranium. Hence time to remain extra vigilant on the health front. Minor physical ailments can crop and recede. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ should be your watchword. Take good care of your eyes. Maintain hygiene.  The existing disease, if any, may be under control. Learn what you need to do and why it will benefit you. You are very particular about having good food, but should be sparing in your diet and drinks, as your intemperate habits may lead to ill health.

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Facial muscles and organs, sexual, organs, vertebra, abdomen are all sensitive areas during the month. This month you might need extra energy and intake of highly nutritious food is recommended. For few professional, physical, mental or emotional stress can bring physical issues like cold, fever, body pain hence it is advised to take ample rest and indulge in some relaxing activities. Keep it simple and do it regularly. Watch for stiffness of limb and emotional lows. For you, the challenge is to try and let go of anxieties by learning to talk through problems. Don’t expect too much from others. Avoid sweet dishes. Females may have issues related to their menstrual cycles.


The root cause for your health concerns during the month is stress. Health concerns for yourself or others may alter your direction for a time. For few health concerns might lead to sudden heavy expenses. Watch for any recurrent injuries or old ailments with regard to lifestyle activity and take steps to remedy them. Recreational activity and good health routines are needed to keep in tune and in a good tone. Rely on what you can do already. Changes in the pattern of daily life will set a new pattern. If you have problems with the nervous system or toxicity, take proper steps to deal with them. Few among you may suffer from long-lasting colds. If this happens, one should re-think their diet and take up some form of exercise.


The planetary mix during the year indicates lower abdomen, chest, lung and heart to be sensitive areas. Watch conditions related to bones or teeth.  During July an old health concern may flare up again. You may be tired or stretched to the limit. There may be worries or stresses over your affairs that will leave you under par. If you show any sign of exhaustion or a condition involving deterioration, take steps to remedy the matter. Time to rest will be important. If you’re pushing yourself or your body hard, make sure that you spend time nurturing yourself and giving yourself the time to take pleasure in the recuperative activities that will soothe or uplift the spirit. If energy is low or fatigue is extreme, do not simply go on without seeking treatment or taking rest.

The above health astrology predictions for July 2018 have been advised by Ms.Ritu Shukla. Contact us for a more personalized health-related prediction or query.


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The health astrology predictions for July 2018 is the opinion of one person based on his or her training and experience in Astrology. Another Astrologer’s opinion on any particular point might differ. The predictions should not be used as a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, etc. ICE Digitals Private Limited makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any aspect of the Astrological predictions and cannot be held responsible for any interpretation or use that may be made of it.

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