Balochistan issue raised by India in Geneva

India has raised the issue of human rights violations in Balochistan and Kashmir occupied by Pakistan at UN Human rights Commission in Geneva.

human rights violations

Pakistan had approached the UN body for Unrest in Kashmir issue, to which India gave a hard-hitting response saying, “Pakistan is characterized by authoritarianism, the absence of democratic norms and widespread human rights violations across the country including Balochistan.”

Ajit Kumar, India’s ambassador to the UN, called Pakistan as a hub for global export of terror. He said it continues to be in illegal occupations of territory in Jammu and Kashmir. He also said, “Instead of ritually raking up alleged human rights violations elsewhere, Pakistan should focus its energies on improving human rights situation within Pakistan and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir”. He added, “This stems from Pakistan’s territorial ambitions over Kashmir that has found concrete expression in repeated armed aggression”.
On Tuesday, India had emphatically rejected the UN human rights chief’s call to allow an international mission to visit Kashmir.

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