Benefits and Scientific & Astrological Reasons for wearing Black Thread

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Know benefits of wearing a black thread and what are the astrological and scientific reasons for wearing a black thread.

Have you ever noticed that many people wear a black thread on their ankle? While many of us believe it to be a fashion statement, there is much to more about it from the astrological viewpoint. Many Hindu families ardently believe in their religion and as a practice that is usually followed in the Hindu religion, infants are tied a black thread on either their arm, ankle or any other part of their body. The black thread is considered to protect us from negative energy in our lives. Many people in India tie these black threads even after they have passed their childhood and while some people are of the notion that the black thread wards off the evil eyes, there are others who believe that the black thread helps in reducing pain when worn in the ankle. benefits of wearing a black thread

benefits of wearing a black thread

But have you ever wondered, why one should only wear black thread? The colour black represents Saturn planet, also known as Shani and it is believed that if you wear a black thread, Shani dev will protect you from any evil that might be in your way. Both men and women wear the black thread in their left leg as it is considered auspicious and will evade negative energy.

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Here are astrological and scientific reasons for wearing a black thread, the reasons why you should wear a black thread:

It is believed that wearing the black thread protects you from the malice of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are also known as shadow planets. Rahu, in particular, is known for justice. It is believed that if any enemy planet agitates Rahu and Ketu, then it results in loss of money and their domestic life is disrupted as well. Therefore, it is advised that a black thread is tied on the left leg of a person to protect them from the malice of shadow planet.

benefits of wearing a black thread

The black thread protects us from evil eyes. If you are someone who grew up in a typical Indian household, then you must be very well aware of the concept of Buri Nazar and how we try to ward off the evil eye. Therefore, it is believed that wearing a black thread in your leg can help in cancelling out that negative energy and it will also protect you from the ills of black magic that a person might try.

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The black thread also has some health benefits. You must have heard of naval dislocation, a problem that results in acute stomach pain. According to astrology, wearing a black thread in your leg can help in bringing the naval back to its original position and thus wiping the pain away. It is also believed that the black thread helps in healing your wounds. Some people also believe that tying a black thread around your ankle can reduce the pain of arthritis.

Another reason to wear a black thread is that many people believe that it brings good luck and wealth.

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