Hindu Mythology: Find out where some of the Hindu Gods were born

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Birthplace of Hindu gods – Do you know which is the birthplace of various gods worshipped by Hindus? Let’s find out about the birthplace of major Hindu gods including the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and many others as is mentioned in various Hindu scriptures.Birthplace of Hindu gods
Birthplace of Hindu gods
Birthplace of Lord Rama

Rama means ‘Braham’ who has supreme cosmic powers. Rama, also known as Ramachandra, is the seventh incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama is considered a symbol of truth and morality. He is also considered to be an ideal son, husband, and King.

It is believed that Lord Rama was born at Ram Janm Bhoomi, Ayodhya on the ninth day of the lunar month Chaitra. Rama was born to Kausalya and King Dasharatha. For ages, Ayodhya has been a sacred place for Hindus. 

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Birthplace of Hindu gods

Birthplace of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation or avatar of Vishnu. Krishna is also one of the most favorite and famous Hindu mythological characters. It is believed that Lord Krishna was born in 3228 BCE in a prison cell in Mathura, UP at midnight. Krishna was born in the Yadava clan to Devaki and her husband, Vasudeva. Krishna is considered the god of love, tenderness and compassion. Lord Krishna inspired a treasure house of poetry, music, painting, sculpture and other fine arts. Click here to know more about Krishna.

Birthplace of Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman is amongst the main characters in the epic Ramayana who helped Lord Rama to win the battle against Ravana. He is considered to be an avatar of Lord Shiva. The way he burned whole Lanka with his tail and bought the entire mountain from Himalaya to all the way describe his strong personality. He is believed that Lord Hanuman was the son of Vayu, the wind god, and Anjana, an Apsara who was transformed into a monkey due to a curse. Because of his mother’s name, Anjani, he is also known as Anjaneya. He is also called Kesari Nandan as his father’s name was Kesari. There is no confirmed place of birth as per Hindu scriptures, but some people believe that Hanuman was born in Gumla District, Jharkhand, while others believe that he was born in Dang District, Gujarat. 

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Birthplace of Hindu gods

Birthplace of Goddess Lakshmi
Goddess LakshmiLakshmi is the goddess of wealth, good fortune, youth, and beauty. She is the wife of Vishnu and the pair is often worshipped in tandem as Lakshmi-Narayana. In the epic Mahabharata, it is written that Lakshmi was born from the churning of the milky ocean by the gods and demons. White-clothed Lakshmi appeared from this sea radiating youth and beauty. For this reason, she is also called Ksirabdhitanaya, which means daughter of the sea of milk. She is the goddess of wealth.

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