Boryeong mud festival

The Boryeong Mud Festival is the Annual Summer festival held in Boryeong, Korea. It is a town 200 km away from Seoul in South Korea. More than 2 million visitors take part in this festival every year.

boryeong mud festival

The mud used is taken from Boryeong Mudflats and is brought down on the Daecheon beach area. The mud used is considered as rich in minerals and is used in making of Beauty products in Korea. The festival was originally initiated to promote the Mud cosmetic products but then later it became a trend and is now enjoyed by every visitor.

The Festival is for 2 weeks but the final weekend is the famous one among the western Korean crowd. The festival features competitions like Mud skiing and activities like Mud prison, mud pool. Colored mud is provided for body painting competitions.

There is a tiny market along the Sea coast where one may buy Mud cosmetics.

Date: 15th to 24th July.

Venue: Boryeong, Korea

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