Bouncing back from Failure: The Journey that people take to make their powerful comebacks

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How to bounce back from failure? People say, ‘Don’t let success get to your head’, but has anyone ever told you to do the exact same with failure? Just like success, you need to be able to not let failure get to your head. No one will ever tell you that bouncing back from failure is easy, because it is not. But that doesn’t mean that it is not possible. It is possible and you can do that.

bounce back from failure

Is it easy to bounce back from failure?

Failure is inescapable and inevitable. There is no denying or escaping it and no matter how hard one tries, no one is immune to it. It does not see how good you are in your field or area of expertise. Fact remains that there is never a guarantee or immunity against failure. The bigger, tougher, and more challenging your goals are, the more are your chances of missing the mark.

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It is true that failure is bitter and its sting lets most of us down pretty badly. It brings agony in a person who experiences disappointment and the hurt is too hard to endure. But what you must remember is that failure is a part of life and success. It need not discourage, demoralize, or end your journey. It only implies that you’ve got to try harder.

How to bounce back from failure?

Sometimes we make mistakes and face challenging issues but how we plan to get out of it is more important. Fact remains that most people who are successful today, have faced failures in their journeys somewhere. To name a few, there is Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Arianne Huffington, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates… and the list goes on. These icons are all examples of making comebacks after failures. The more important question is how. How does one bounce back from failure?

Here are some ways that can help you bounce back after failure:

Accept and Move onaccept and move on

It’s not easy, we know. But how hard is it for you to accept that you made a mistake and start moving towards the right path? You cannot undo what happened but if you check where you went wrong and try to make amends, you will gain an insight into exactly what went wrong and where. And that is what powers you. It will ensure that you understand what will work and what may not. This time you’ll bring a new approach.

Moving on from the mistake will make you revise your strategies in the future, it will prepare you better, you’ll work on your weak points, and this will eventually improve your future performances. It will also give you the confidence to bounce back and begin more confidently. So, look ahead and rebuild.

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Are you ready to bounce back from failure? Here is what you need to do:

Take Responsibilitytake responsibility

Owning up to mistakes is hard for most people but those who take responsibility and own their failure are also the ones who bring the best solutions on the table. This is because they know that there’s no shame in it. Everyone fails. Things don’t always pan out the way you think they will. But the responsibility should always be yours to take. You must be accountable for your actions, choices, and decisions. Never find others to blame or hold them responsible for your defeat.

Learn from your MistakesMistakes

Life gives you tons of chances to accept your mistake. This is when you must learn something because with each mistake you learn something new. Failure is one clever teacher who teaches you like no other. So, embrace your mistakes because there is something you’ll learn from them. Identify your weaknesses, work on them, and turn them into your strengths. SWOT analysis, it’s really time!

Don’t Dwell on Failuredont dwell on failure

The worst way to ever deal with failure is to take it to your heart. What has happened is in the past, no amount of crying, complaining, or regretting will help you overcome it.  So stop dwelling over it. Don’t think about it or re-run scenarios in your mind, only to feel sorry for yourself. It is no good. Moving on is the easiest way to sustain.

Develop mental toughnessdevelop mental toughness

Setbacks are most likely to dishearten or break you. Don’t let it steal your confidence. Train yourself to take bad hits in life and again, use failure to learn and grow.

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Searching how to find ways to bounce back from failure? Here are some more ways you can try:


Defeat has the tendency to make you doubt yourself and also develops fear, all of which is negativity. Then you start questioning yourself and begin to doubt your abilities. The lack of positivity makes you ungrateful and unhappy. But that’s how it is. Recovery and rebounding take time. You need to facilitate and fasten this process and fight all the negatives. And for this, nothing inspires you more than your personal experiences and your own success stories. If not, then just find a way to put the negativity behind you and move on.

Let go of fearfear

Fear is an emotion that breaks out along with failure. But what you need to know is that when you fall down, you know that you can’t go down any further. So ask yourself again, is there anything that you fear? We believe that this will surely land you into a positive direction. Get up, gather the broken pieces, and rebuild. Don’t let one failure hold you back from manifesting your dreams.

Forgive Yourselfforgive yourself

Self-forgiveness is not easy but it is necessary. Taking responsibility is one thing but you must not blame yourself and keep beating yourself up for no reason. All it will do is damage you and make you less productive. Just take the time and forgive yourself because without forgiveness you’re always going to be stressed and hurting.

Start dreaming againdream

There is really no reason why you should be afraid to dream big. There are so many people with their success stories which not only give us hope but make us believe in dreaming for the best. Taking risks and dreaming on is the only way to success, so go get it.

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