British travellers To US May Be Asked for Social media Passwords

British travellers along with other US allies Including Germany and France may be forced to reveal their personal data, like social media passwords, financial information, face details, mobile contact under a news “extreme vetting” policy being considered by the trump administration.

The guardian reported While US citizens have established rights against unlawful searches at the border, the extent to which foreign travellers can resist requests to hand over personal information is unclear.
A US customs and border patrol said, “All international travellers arriving in the US are subject to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspection”.
“This inspection may include electronic devices such as computers, disks, drives, tapes, mobile phones and other communication devices, cameras, music and other media players and any other electronic or digital devices.”

It added, “Keeping America safe and enforcing our nation’s laws in an increasingly digital world depends on our ability to lawfully examine all materials entering the US.”

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