Canada’s plan to Phase Out Coal-Fired Electricity announced

Canada on Monday announced its plans to phase out the use of Coal fired electricity by 2030.

coal fired electricity

The move taken is in clear contrast to Donald Trump’s vow to revive American coal industry.

Kathleen McKenna, Environment minister said, the goal is to make sure 90 percent of Electricity comes from sustainable sources by that time, which is 80 percent today.

The announcement is one of the series of measures which liberal government in rolling out as a part of broader climate change plan. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also has plans to implement a carbon tax.

Trump, in contrast, has said he would “cancel” the Paris Agreement.

McKenna said, “France, Britain, the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark have all announced accelerated coal phase-outs…Taking traditional coal power out of our energy mix and replacing it with cleaner technologies will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of Canadians, and benefit generations for years to come”.

Four of Canada’s 10 provinces still use coal-based electricity.

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