Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says China Does Not Want to See Trade War with US

China’s Premier Li Keqiang reportedly said on Wednesday that Beijing does not want to see trade war the United States.

He also urged talks between both the sides to achieve common grounds.

Li said at annual news conference, “We do not want to see any trade war breaking out between the two countries. That would not make our trade fairer…Our hope on the Chinese side is that no matter what bumps this relationship hits, we hope it will continue to move forward in a positive direction. We may have different statistical methods, but I believe whatever differences we may have we can all sit down and talk to each other and work together to find solutions.”

According to US media, President Donald trump will be meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping in Florida next month.
Trump has previously attacked China on issues ranging from trade to the South China Sea and china’s lack of interest in reining in nuclear-armed North Korea.

Li also reiterated in his remarks that China-U.S. relations are founded upon adherence to the “one-China” policy, under which Washington acknowledges the Chinese position that there is only one China, of which Taiwan is a part.
He added, “The ‘one China’ policy has remained unshaken despite changing circumstances… this foundation cannot be undermined.”

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