Birds that broke world record for nonstop flight

Common swifts are the birds that have reportedly broken the world record for nonstop flight. They are shaped like a torpedo, with long, blade-like wings; it effortlessly swoops and soars through the air, riding the wind like a creature out of mythology.

They are known as greyhound of the sky and are capable of flying for 10 months without touching the land even once.
Hedenstrom, biologists at Lund University in Sweden says, “it is the most extreme example of the nonstop flight that we know of”.

Hedenstrom along with his colleagues spent two years tracking these swifts via tiny light sensors and accelerometers. Data revealed that these common swifts make 10 months journey from northern Europe to central Africa and back each year.
He says, “It’s absolutely minuscule, the time they actually spend resting.”

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