The Role of the Indian Government in protecting the nation from Coronavirus

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Coronavirus central government advisory in India – The Role of the Indian Government in protecting the nation from Coronavirus

coronavirus central government advisory in india

  • 27 March: President Kovind, along with Vice President attracted with Governors, Lt Governors, and Administrators of all States and UTs.
  • 27 March: The ICMR has reported 691 individuals positive with the Coronavirus among suspected cases and contacts of the known positive cases.
  • 26 March: After lockdown, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman held a press conference. The finance minister announced a relief package of Rs.1.7 lakh crores for the poor, farmers, and people that are affected from the lockdown.

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  • 24 March: PM Narendra Modi announced lockdown of the entire country for the next 21 days till 14th April, as a measure to curb the spread of the deadly china coronavirus.
  • 24 March: The government allocated Rs 15000 crores for the health sector.
  • 23 March: The total number of positive Coronavirus cases in the country is now 415.
  • 23 March: All company law tribunals to be closed till March 31.
  • 23 March: Lockdown comes into force in Punjab, Chandigarh, and 7 districts of Haryana.
  • 23 March: The States have been asked to strictly enforce lockdowns in the areas where it has been announced. Legal action will be taken against violators.
  • 21 March: The Centre, on Friday, issued an advisory to all hospitals and medical education institutions — both public and private, asking them to set aside beds, prepare isolation facilities, procure sufficient numbers of ventilators, high-flow oxygen mass and to mobilise additional manpower to step up combat readiness to take on Coronavirus.
  • 21 March: The railways on Friday announced cancellation of 3,700 passenger and long-distance mail/express trains on Sunday to coincide with the ‘janata curfew’.
  • A repost by PM Narendra Modi. #CoronaStopKaroNa

  • 19 March: Narendra Modi live speech on corona virus updates
  • 19 March: The government has added Coronavirus disease in all existing medi-claim insurances as a special case.
  • 19 March: 168 individuals have been confirmed positive in India.
  • 19 March: ICSE and ISC postpone all exams between March 19 and 31.
  • 18 March: The Ministry of External Affairs reported a total of 276 Indians infected with the coronavirus abroad. This includes 255 in Iran, 12 in UAE, 5 in Italy, and 1 each in Hong Kong, Kuwait, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka.
  • 18 March: No evidence of a community outbreak of coronavirus in India so far.
  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in India issued guidelines for notifying coronavirus affected persons by private institutions.

  • Government approves AirAsia flights for Delhi, Vizag to help Indians stranded at Kuala Lumpur airport
  • Latest from Health Ministry:
    Total number of Active COVID 2019 cases across India: 130
    Total number of Discharged/Cured COVID 2019 cases across India: 14
    Total number of Deaths due to COVID 2019 across India: 3
  • 17 March: All gyms, recreation centers, creches located in government buildings are now closed.
  • 17 March: Railways hikes platform ticket prices to stop crowding.
  • 17 March: The ICMR is in talks to involve private labs for Coronavirus testing.
  • 17 March: Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan will be meeting President Ram Nath Kovind to discuss preparedness to contain coronavirus.
  • 17 March: Govt expands compulsory quarantine for passengers coming from UAE, Qatar, Oman & Kuwait.
  • Additional Travel Advisory for Coronavirus released on 17 March…
    7 March: In a continuation of the travel advisory issued on 11th March 2020 and 16th March 2020, the following additional advisory is issued:
  • 16 March: Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan chaired the 7th High level GoM meet & issued the Social Distancing advisory in addition to new travel restrictions.
  • 16 March: Students are advised to stay at home.
  • 16 March: Contact tracing activity of positive cases has led to the identification of more than 5,200 contacts, who are kept under surveillance.
  • 16 March: 4 new cases of coronavirus in India have been spotted. 1 from Odisha, 1 from Jammu & Kashmir, 1 from Ladakh, and 1 from Kerala. There are now a total of 114 confirmed cases in India as of today, including 10 discharged, 3 cured and 2 reported deaths.
  • 16 March: Additional Travel Advisory has been issued by the Health Ministry of India.
  • Local authorities are planning to have a meeting with traders associations & other stakeholders to regulate hours, regulate Do’s and Don’ts and take up a communication drive in market places like sabzi mandi, anaj mandi, bus depots , railway stations, post-offices etc., where essential services are provided.

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  • 16 March: Local authorities will hold discussion with opinion leaders and religious leaders to regulate mass gatherings and to ensure no overcrowding/at least one meter distance between people.
  • 16 March: Local authorities will hold discussion with organizers of sporting events and competitions involving large gatherings and they may be advised to postpone such events.
  • 16 March: The Health Ministry of India is encouraging private sector organizations/employers to allow employees to work from home wherever feasible. Meetings, as far as feasible, shall be done through video conferences. Minimize or reschedule meetings involving large number of people unless necessary.
  • 16 March: Restaurants are requested to ensure hand washing protocol and proper cleanliness of frequently touched surfaces, physical distancing (minimum 1metre) between tables, and open air seating with adequate distancing.
  • 16 March: A 24×7 toll free national helpline number 1075 has been activated for support, guidance, and response to health related queries on Coronavirus.
  • 16 March: The Fourth batch of 53 Indians, including 52 students and one teacher have arrived from Tehran and Shiraz, Iran. With this, a total of 389 Indians have returned to India from Iran.
  • 16 March: The total number of patients cured from the Coronavirus in India stand at 13.
  • 16 March: All passengers coming in from Paris have been identified for quarantine and are being sent to the quarantine facility.
  • 15 March: Guidelines for Clinical Management of SARI in suspected/confirmed cases of Coronavirus.
  • 15 March: The Status, Action, and Preparedness on Coronavirus in India so far.
  • 15 March: Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Healthcare Facilities.
  • 15 March: Discharge policy of the Coronavirus in India.
  • 15 March: Total 265 passengers coming from Coronavirus affected countries have been quarantined at Trivandrum, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru & Hyderabad.
  • 15 March: Contact tracing of all cases is being rigorously pursued. So far, this has led to identification of more than 4000 contacts who have been put under surveillance.
  • 15 March: 218 Indians including 211 students from Milan landed in Delhi. All of them will be quarantined for 14 days.
  • 15 March: 234 Indians stranded in Iran have now arrived in India. This includes 131 students and 103 pilgrims.
  • 14 March: PM Modi announced a conference call with SAARC nations regarding the challenges being faced by the companies for stopping the spread of Coronavirus.
  • 14 March: The State and UT empowerment for the management of Coronavirus has been released.
  • 14 March: Guideline for Home Quarantine.
  • 14 March: Restrictions on International passenger traffic through Land Check Posts implemented with immediate effect.
  • 13 March: As of today, there are 81 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in India, out of these confirmed cases, 64 cases are of Indian nationals, 16 Italian nationals and 1 Canadian national. Contact tracing of these cases is being actively pursued. So far, this has led to the identification of more than 4000 contacts who have been put under surveillance.
  • 13 March: 124 evacuees from Japan and 112 evacuees from China have been discharged today after having tested negative for Coronavirus in the second round of tests.
  • 13 March: The government of India has sent scientists, equipment for labs, reagents & brought back samples for testing from these countries. So far 1199 samples have been collected in Iran and brought to India for testing.
  • 13 March: The Government operated an Air Force flight to bring 58 passengers from Iran on 10th March 2020, facilitated Mahan Air flight to bring back people from Iran. Today one flight with 44 passengers has landed in Mumbai. These passengers are being kept in quarantine at the Navy facility in Mumbai. Another Mahan Air flight is expected to land tomorrow in Delhi.

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The government is even prepared to operate special flights to bring back Indians who have tested negative and are coordinating treatment of positive people in Iran as per protocol.

Coronavirus central government advisory in India

The government has sent a team of four doctors from MoHFW to Rome. They have just reached Rome with sufficient material and reagents to collect samples of Indians there for onward testing in India. In addition, the Government screened 11,71,061 passengers from 10,876 flights at 30 designated airports. 3,062 passengers and 583 contacts were identified and referred to IDSP and designated hospitals. The Government has brought 42,296 passengers under community surveillance, out of which 2,559 were symptomatic and 522 were hospitalized including 17 foreign nationals.

25,504 passengers have been additionally screened at major and minor seaports, and more than 14 lakh people have been screened at land ports.

  • 13 March: So far, the Government of India has evacuated 1031 persons including 48 nationals from countries such as Maldives, Myanmar, Bangladesh, China, US, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, and Peru.
  • 13 March: All essential facilities like community surveillance, quarantine, isolation wards, adequate PPEs, trained manpower, rapid response teams are being strengthened further in all States and UTs.
  • 13 March: Till date, 890 evacuees from #COVID19 affected countries have been discharged after 14 days of isolation and having tested negative as per protocols.
  • 13 March: 654 evacuees from Wuhan, China on 1st February and 3rd February 2020 were discharged on 18th February 2020.
  • 12 March: As of now, 73 cases are confirmed for COVID19 in India. Three of these cases from Kerala have been recovered and discharged.
  • 12 March: All existing visas (except diplomatic, official, UN/International Organizations, employment, project visas) stand suspended till 15th April 2020. This will come into effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at the port of departure.
  • 12 March: 83 evacuees from Italy, who arrived in India on 11th March have been housed at the Manesar facility for quarantine.
  • 11 March: Visa restrictions have been issued by the Bureau of Immigration after meeting of GoM on the Coronavirus today.

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  • 11 March: All incoming travellers, including Indian nationals, arriving from or having visited China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain or Germany after 15th February 2020 shall be quarantined for minimum 14 days. This will take effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at port of departure.
  • 11 March: Number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in India rises to 60.
  • 11 March: 58 Indian nationals were evacuated from Iran.
  • 11 March: The GOM on coronavirus, discussed identification of additional quarantine facilities, development of isolation wards, training of health workers & doctors being undertaken by the States/UTs.
  • 11 March: The Cabinet Secretary took a meeting with Secretaries of concerned Ministries, representatives from Army, and ITBP to review preparedness & status regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak.
  • 11 March: So far, India has evacuated 948 people from COVID19 affected countries. Of these, 900 are Indian nationals.
  • 11 March: In regard to the Novel Coronavirus Disease , MORTH requested all necessary steps to be undertaken in the Public Transport Vehicles to ensure sanitation of seats, handles & bars. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, hygiene & sanitation to be stepped up at all Bus Terminals & display of public health messages to be ensured on public transport vehicles, bus terminals & bus stops.
  • 10 March: Travel Advisory: All incoming int’l passengers returning to India should self-monitor their health & follow required Do’s and Dont’s on COVID19, as detailed by Government.
  • 10 March: All passengers having travel history to China, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia, France, Spain and Germany are advised to undergo self-imposed quarantine for 14 days from date of their arrival in India. If such passengers are working in some organizations/institutions,their respective employers are advised to facilitate work from home during this period.
  • 10 March: Indian citizens are advised to avoid non- essential travel abroad. Indian citizens are STRONGLY ADVISED to refrain from travelling to China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, Japan, France, Spain and Germany.
  • 10 March: The Union Minister spoke to a few patients being treated in Medanta and Safdarjung hospital who expressed their satisfaction with their treatment and care.
  • 10 March: The Cabinet Secretary chaired a high level review meeting on Coronavirus.
  • 10 March: The government released Standard Operating Procedure to handle the COVID19 for International Cruise Ships at major ports of India.
  • 10 March: All 58 evacuated Indians who have landed at Hindon on IAF’s C-17 Globemaster Flight from Iran have tested negative for the coronavirus and will now be quarantined for 14 days.
  • 10 March: On the auspicious occasion of Holi, the first batch of 58 Indians stranded in Iran have been brought back to the Indian soil. The C-17 which took off from Iran at 04:59 hours has landed with 25 men, 31 women, 2 children & 529 samples on board.
  • 9 March: The C-17 Flight has departed to Iran at 20:30 hrs IST to bring back Indian citizens. The government of India has already brought back 890 Indians and other nationals so far.
  • 9 March: 4 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported – 1 from Ernakulum, Kerala, 1 from Delhi, 1 from Uttar Pradesh and 1 from Jammu. 43 samples have tested positive out of the 3,003 samples tested for COVID-19 with 2,694 samples having returned negative results.
  • 8 March: There are 39 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in India. 5 new cases have been confirmed today in Kerala. They have travel history to Italy.
  • 7 March: In order to spread awareness, a special Coronavirus mobile phone caller tune was launched by all telecom operators with basic infection prevention messages played when a caller dials-out. This is helping in reaching over 117.2 crore subscribers of BSNL, MTNL Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea.
  • 7 March: 3 new cases in India reported today. Total number of cases are now 34 in the country. 31 cases are being treated in hospitals and are stable whereas the earlier three from Kerala have been discharged.
  • 7 March: 52 laboratories are now operational across India for testing COVID-19 virus. An additional 57 laboratories have been provided with Viral Transport Media and swabs for sample collection.
  • 7 March: An American national who was found positive in Bhutan has more than 150 contacts and is put under IDSP surveillance. In addition, 108 samples have been received from Iran today morning. These samples are being tested at the laboratory in AIIMS. Six scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have been stationed in Iran. Equipment and reagents, worth approximately Rs.10 crores have been dispatched to enable them to setup a lab there.
  • 7 March: Information on testing sites and labs that help in sample collection can be assessed from the ICMRD Delhi website.
  • 6 March: One more suspect has tested positive for coronavirus. The COVID-19 confirmed case has a travel history of Thailand and Malaysia. The patient is in hospital, quarantined and stable. There are now 31 confirmed cases in the country.
  • 6 March: As a precautionary measure, the DoPT has issued guidance regarding Biometric Attendance for Government employees till 31st March. They said that the most common cause of spread of the coronavirus is through infected surfaces.
  • 6 March: As per the latest advisory, all international passengers irrespective of nationality are mandated to undergo universal medical screening. Adequate screening measures have been setup and nine more airports have been added to the existing 21, bringing the total to 30 airports, as of today.
  • 6 March: National level training on Coronavirus chaired by Secretary Ms. Preeti Sudan was attended by health officials from all states & hospitals of railways, defence, and paramilitary forces.
  • 5 March: The government issued an advisory on mass gatherings and said that mass gatherings must be avoided or possible be postponed till the disease spread in contained.
  • 5 March: The total number of positive cases of coronavirus in India are now 30. This includes 3 new cases from Delhi NCR, 6 contacts of first Delhi Case with travel history from Italy, and 1 from Telangana with history of travel from Dubai and Singapore contact. 16 Italians and one Indian driver who was with the Italian tourist group. In addition, the earlier two suspected cases of Telangana have tested negative at NIV, Pune. Also, the 14 Italian cases, and all the Indian patients are stable and being monitored.
  • 5 March: A total of 6,49,452 passengers have been screened at the airports till date from over 6550 flights. In addition, there are 29607 people under IDSP community surveillance and contact tracing.
  • 5 March: Truck Drivers from Pakistan are being scanned at Attari for Coronavirus.
  • 5 March: The Indian Air Force on 26th February evacuated a total of 112 people from Wuhan. This included 76 Indians as well as other nationals from Myanmar,Bangladesh, Maldives,China, South Africa, US & Madagascar.
  • 5 March: 8 Central Teams visited the bordering villages in States of UP, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Sikkim & Bihar to review activities at the border crossing, the conduct of Gram Sabhas & risk communication to the community.
  • 5 March: The Government of India is in regular touch with WHO headquarters, regional office & country office to get updates on evolving scenario of the COVID-19.
  • 5 March: Regular surveillance has been initiated across the country for all cases having travel history from all major coronavirus affected countries and for people having contact with such persons and having fever, cough or breathlessness.
  • 5 March: A Travel Advisory has been issued.
  • 5 March: Steps of the Government of India so far.
  • 5 March: As of now, 29 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been detected in the country.
  • 5 March: It has been decided to involve district collectors and States have been asked to form rapid response teams as the district, block and village levels.
  • 5 March: A total of 3542 samples have been sent for testing, of which 29 have been found to be positive for COVID-19 till now. Testing of 92 samples is in process and 23 samples are being reconfirmed.
  • 4 March: The President of India, in wake of the spread of the coronavirus, announced that there would be no traditional holi gathering in the Rashtrapati Bhawan.
  • 4 March: All landports under MHA have fully equipped medical teams present across States to screen all incoming passengers from neighbouring countries.
  • 4 March: Advisory for schools regarding the COVID-19 were circulated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
  • 4 March: Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan chaired a high level group of ministers meeting for review of status and actions taken on prevention and management of coronavirus.
  • 4 March: Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan emphasised now on cluster management, hospital management, effective surveillance, enhanced awareness, and universal screening at the media briefing on the COVID19
  • 4 March: Experts across the world have advised to reduce mass gatherings to avoid the spread of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. Hence, this year PM Modi decided not to participate in any Holi Milan programme.
  • 3 March: The Cabinet Secretary held a review meeting on Coronavirus in India.
  • 3 March: PM Modi assured public and said that an extensive review regarding the preparedness on the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus was conducted. Different ministries & states are working together, from screening people arriving in India to providing prompt medical attention.
  • 3 March: In view of the emerging global scenarios, the following advisories are issued for immediate implementation.
  • 2 March: Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan said that adequate measures are being taken to combat COVID-19. People are advised to take precautions and report in case of any symptoms.
  • 2 March: India successfully evacuated its citizens from Japan and China. They tested Negative for coronavirus in the first testing at their isolation places in Chhawla and Manesar.
  • 1 March: Every person entering from Bangladesh is being screened for symptoms of the coronavirus at the Integrated Check Post at Indo-Bangladesh border.
  • 29 February: Preeti Sudan, Secretary (HFW) chaired a video conference with Health Secretaries from States/UTs with senior officials of National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and Airport Public Health Officers (APHOs) to review their preparedness for prevention and management of COVID-19.

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