Damyang bamboo festival

Damyang gun is the green forest in Juknokwan. Damyang Bamboo festival is celebrated each year to observe the spectacular beauty of forest which consists of a lot of Bamboo and other trees.

damyang bamboo festival

The festival schedules events like water bicycling, Bamboo Fair, Bamboo-Cutting Sword Championship, Riding a Bamboo Raft, Making Daetongsul (a bamboo bottled traditional liquor), log rafting, Fishing with Bamboo Basket and Bamboo Musical Instrument Performance Contest. Observing and enjoying the festival people can enjoy the sumptuous and authentic Korean delicacies at the “cultural experience center”.

One does not have to worry if they don’t like the Korean cuisine as there are options for other world-famous cuisines.

Date: August

Venue: Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden) area, Korea

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