Delhi Metro New fares : Delhi Metro fare hike from May 10

Delhi Metro has hiked fares from May 10, 2017. Minimum ticket price has been revised from Rs.8 to Rs.10. The maximum fare has been revised from Rs.30 to Rs.50.

 Delhi Metro new fares:

Weekday Delhi Metro new fare
Rs 10 for 0-2 km
Rs 15 for 2-5 km
Rs 20 for 5-12 km
Rs 30 for 12-21 km
Rs 40 for 21-32 km
Rs 50 for beyond 32 km

Weekday Delhi Metro new fare for Sundays & National Holidays
Rs 10 from 0-12 km
Rs 20 for 12-21km
Rs 30 for 21-32 km
Rs 40 for beyond 32km

There is expected to be another revision in Delhi metro fares from October 2. 2017. The maximum Delhi metro fare may be revised to Rs 60 from the new Rs.50. Rest of the fares may also see some change.

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