Do Hindus really have 33 Crore Gods or Godesses?

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Generally referred to as 33 Koti, Hindus don’t have 33 Crore Gods or Goddesses. The confusion arose due to the meaning of “koti”. In Sanskrit, the word Koti has two meanings – Crore and Types. Some people mistook the meaning to be Crore instead of “Type”, hence the misunderstanding. There are only 33 types of Hindu Gods, which have been explained in many Hindu scriptures.

33 types of Gods include 8 Vasu, 11 Rudra, 12Aaditya, 1Indra and 1Prajaapati.


8 Vasus

Vasus are adobe of all that lives, moves or exists. 8 Vasus are :

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Moon, Sun and Star.


11 Rudras

Rudra means one who can make a person weep. Rudras include 10 organs of the human body and soul is counted as 11th. At the time of death, these depart from the body and makes the family and friends of dead person weep. 11 Rudras are :

Praana, Apaana, Vyaana, Samaana, Udaana, Naag, Kurma, Krikal, Devadutta Dhananjaya and Soul


12 Adityaas

Separate forms of Sun God rising differently in 12 months of the year are called Adityaas. 12 Adityaas are :

Visnu, Daksa, Bhaga, Pusan, Mitra, Indra, Aruna, Aryama, Vivasvan, Arusuman, Tvastr and Parjanya.


1 Indra

A great warrior and a symbol of courage & strength, Indra is the God of thunder and rain.


1 Prajapati

Prajapati is a deity presiding over procreation and protection of life.


The master of these 33 Devatas is the Mahadeva of Lord Shiva.

*Team has tried to bring the above information for personal use. Though we have put in our best efforts, we do not guarantee that its 100% correct. Use at your own discretion.

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