Do’s and Don’ts in Abu Dhabi

UAE is a modern country but also has some rules to be obeyed just like any other country or city. To prevent tourists from jumping into an awkward position we are enlisting few rules to go by. These Do’s and Don’ts are acknowledged by keeping in mind the Culture, religion and traditions of UAE.

  • Only use right hand to greet someone or take something from someone.
  • Respect Islam and its traditions.
  • Drive only if you have international Driving License.
  • Bikinis or Swim suits are to be worn only at Beaches and pools.
  • Respect Ladies and Ladies section.
  • Do not drink alcohol unless you are in licensed club or bar.
  • Do not take Photographs of Official buildings or Local people.
  • Do not bring or take drugs. They are banned and may land you up in prison.
  • Do not wear skirts, shorts or dresses or anything revealing.
  • Do not kiss or Hug in Public.
  • Do not point the sole of your shoe on someone’s face.
  • Do not stare anybody.
  • Do not touch Quran if you are non-Muslim.
  • Do not litter
  • Do not talk to a lady if she is accompanied by her husband or any other male.
  • Do not employ any worker on someone else’s Visa
  • Do not smoke unless you are 18 years old.
  • Do not sing or dance in public. You may do that in licensed clubs and bars.
  • Do not bring electronic cigarettes in UAE. They may be confiscated.
  • Sex outside marriage can lead you to imprisonment.
  • Do not drink and drive or use mobile phones while driving. Also maintain a speed limit and do not jump lane.
  • Do not share apartment with a friend of opposite sex.
  • Poppy seeds are banned in UAE. So avoid carrying poppy seeds or anything that consists of them.
  • Do not bring things from Israeli origin, gambling tools, three layers fishing nets or radiation polluting substance.
  • LGBT or Homosexual acts are banned in UAE.

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