Do’s and Don’ts in Dubai

“When in Rome, Do as Romans do”

The proverb not only fits for Rome but almost all parts of the world. Every country has the different culture, tradition, religion, and lifestyle. It is important to know about the country/city and their beliefs before traveling there, Just that you don’t offend anything by mistake and bring harm upon yourself. Here we bring you few Do’s and Don’ts when in Dubai as also some facts that you should know when visiting Dubai.


  • Dubai is a Muslim country and follows strict Muslim laws. Make sure you Respect the law and culture of the City.
  • Do carry doctor’s prescription if you are carrying any medication or drugs. Even Possession of painkillers and cold and flu medication can land you up in jail.
  • People in Dubai dress conservatively, so proper attire is recommended. Shoulders and knees should be covered. Avoid wearing bikinis and swimwear, though they are not much of an issue while you are in waterpark or beach.
  • Use only right hand while having Islamic food.
  • Do not consume alcohol in Public place or streets. Tourists may not be able to purchase Alcohol from supermarkets or general stores. One may find alcohol only in licensed stores and bars. Make sure you are 21 years old to consume alcohol.
  • Do not smoke unless you are 18 years old.
  • Do not wear anything transparent or anything with offensive slogans or images on it.
  • No PDAs as it is banned in Dubai.
  • Do not sing or dance in public. You may do that in licensed clubs and bars.
  • Do not take pictures of local without their permission.
  • Do not swear, use abusive language or use cuss words.
  • Do not eat, chew gum or smoke in public during Ramadan even if you are non-Muslim.
  • Do not do drugs.
  • Do not bring electronic cigarettes in UAE. They may be confiscated.
  • Taking photographs of government buildings, mosques and military installations are prohibited.
  • Sex outside of marriage can lead you to imprisonment.
  • Do not drink and drive or use mobile phones while driving. Also, maintain a speed limit and do not jump lane.
  • Do not share an apartment with a friend of opposite sex.
  • Poppy seeds are banned in UAE. So avoid carrying poppy seeds or anything that consists of them.
  • Do not bring things from Israeli origin, gambling tools, three layers fishing nets or radiation polluting substance.
  • Keep yourself away from prolonged stares and unwanted conversation.
  • LGBT or Homosexual acts are banned in UAE.
  • Women’s should not initiate handshake when introduced to an Arab man unless he extends his hand first.
  • Do not bring cooked food or home-made food.

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