The tulasi or the holy basil: Some uncommon facts and precautions

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Let’s find out some very interesting facts and precautions related to Tulasi or Tulsi plant.

Tulasi, a sacred plant that can be found easily on the entrance or in the vicinity of many Indian households is widely worshipped in Hinduism. When we look around, we find so many stories and myths related to Tulsi, many people personify the Tulasi plant and worshipping it and celebrate its presence in the household by offering prayers to it regularly. Let’s find out how what not to do with tulsi plant, when not to pluck tulsi leaves and when not to offer water to tulsi.

Facts and precautions related to Tulasi

These are some facts and precautions related to Tulasi:

  • The two types of Tulasi that are revered are Rama Tulasi and Shyama Tulasi, which are green and purple in color respectively.
  • According to Devi Bhagwat Purana, the Tulasi means exceptional, unmatched, one who is extraordinary. The plant is regarded as a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, the divine consort of Lord Vishnu hence is also addressed as feminine.
  • It is also believed that different gods and goddesses reside in different parts of Tulasi, like the Vedas in the upper part, the Brahma in the branches and through its roots flows the Ganges.

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Interesting facts about tulsi

  • The Tulsi leaves are offered to Krishna and its plant in a Krishna Temple is considered auspicious.
  • The service to the plant like watering it, worshipping it, and keeping its surroundings clean is believed to help one attain salvation. Its leaves and oil also have many medicinal, spiritual, and physical benefits.
  • Like the Tulsi plant helps keep mosquitoes and insects away from the premises where the plant is kept.
  • In many viral infections and cold and cough, the Tulasi leaves are beneficial. They can be consumed by boiling them with ginger and other herbs and the mixture is to be consumed hot to warm.
  • While the plant is considered holy, there are a few precautions that should be taken care of to avoid the plant to dry off and call for bad omens.
  • The Tulasi shall never be plucked uselessly or disrespected. If the leaves need to be plucked, it shall be made into good use, or the leaves that fall itself should be used.Facts and precautions related to Tulasi

Here are some more facts and precautions related to Tulasi:

  • Its leaves should not be plucked on a Sunday, on the lunar or solar eclipse, or on Ekadashi. Plucking its leaves that day is strictly prohibited.
  • Tulsi leaves shall never be chewed, but rather gulped with water because it consists alloys that can harm our teeth and gums.
  • It shall never be offered to Shiva and Lord Ganesha because Shiva is considered to be responsible for her husband’s death and she cursed him never to be offered to him and Ganesha. Once she found Ganesha meditating in the jungle, was spellbound by his charm, serenity, and desired to marry him. Ganesha declined her proposal because he had vowed to follow celibacy. She then cursed him that he will get married and break his vow one day. In this exchange of angry gush, Ganesha cursed her to be married to a demon.

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Why tulsi is kept outside the house? Even though Tulasi is the incarnation of Lakshmi but when she desired to stay in their abode, Vishnu told her that only Lakshmi will remain inside the house; she, therefore, offered to remain outside the house. Hence it is always planted outside the house.

There are many rites and rituals that involve the Tulai plant, one of the major ones that are celebrated is the Tulsi Vivah. On the eleventh lunar day of Kartika month according to the Hindu calendar, a wedding ceremony of Tulasi and Vishnu, in the form of  Shaligram (the stone form of Vishnu) is solemnized. 

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