Full Body Scanner to be introduced In Indian Airports

As per the reports, Full Body scanners that are usually used in the west for security checks at Airport will now be introduced in India as well.
Two full body scanner machines were tested at the Delhi airport a few months ago and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is considering their usage in the rest of the country as well.

Central Industrial Security force is the force that handles Air Travel security in India at most commercial airports in India.
During the pilot project, the full body scanner machines were made optional for the passengers, but not many were comfortable with the idea. While the Director General of the CISF who was in Kolkata did not share details or the timeline, the CISF has confirmed that full body scanners are very much a part of the security plans for the future at Indian airports.

Also on the ban of laptops in the aeroplanes, Mr OP Singh the director general of the CISF said, “We need some time to study this move. We take out the laptop computers from the bags and screen it in India. We are studying the move and what specific inputs it has been based on and if we need to take any such step we will do it.”
The Unites States and Britain had banned the laptops and tablets from passenger cabins last month.

The airline restriction, which took effect March 21, bans many electronic items from the cabins of planes flying directly to the US from Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey.

The move was initiated to thwart the possible attacks on airlines with small explosive devices hidden in consumer electronics.

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