Aviralamadadhaaraa dhautakumbhah shranyah
Phanivaraavrutagaatrah siddhasaadhyaadivandyah
Tribhuvana janavighnaadhwantavidhwansadaksho
Vitaratu gajavaktrah satatam mangalam nah

Word separation & meanings:


Aviralamadadhaaraa= Avirala+ mada+ dhaaraa= Continuous+ toxic liquid (nectar)+ stream;
dhautakumbhah= dhauta+kumbhah= Washed+ head;
shranyah= Worthy of sheltering;
Phanivaraavrutgaatrah= Phanivara+aavruta+gaatrah= Cobra+ encircled+ body;
siddhasaadhyaadivandyah= siddha+saadhya+aadi+vandyah= Accomplished+ to be accomplished+ beginning+ to be saluted;
Tribhuvana= Three worlds;
janavighnaadhwantavidhwansadaksho= jana+ vighna+ adhwanta + vidhwansa+ daksho= People+ Obstruction+ Darkness+ Destruction+ Expert;
Vitaratu= May distribute/ scatter;
gajavaktrah= The elephant faced; satatam= Continuously;
mangalam= Joys; = For us.

Translation/Meaning :

May the elephant-faced god,
whose brow is continuously awash with nectar;
who is worthy of sheltering;
whose body is encircled by a cobra;
who is to be saluted in the beginning of all (actions) accomplished or to be accomplished; and
who is an expert in the destruction of the darkness of obstructions for the people of all the three worlds
distribute joys among us continuously!

Ganesha Gaayatri

Aum bhoorbhuvah suvah –  O God in three worlds
Tat purushaaya vidmahe  – We know that great soul
Vakratundaaya dheemahi – We meditate on Him with curved mouth
Tanno Dantee prachodayaat – May He with long teeth inspire us.


Translated by Lt. Sh. Manmohan Kaushal

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