Google play to bring Net Banking option to buy Apps

Internet Giant Google has started rolling out a new Payment method in India to buy Apps from Google Play store. Google play gives an option in the form of Net banking.

google play store

This means now people will be able to buy apps, Movies, Books and music from Google apps even if you don’t have credit, debit or gift card.

One may go to the Play store and check if they already have the Net Banking option.

The decision of the new payment option launch came after Google recently released a survey which says Indians are most likely to pay for Digital content or apps.

To see if Net banking can be done on your device, click on Play store, open menu bar– and choose accounts.

Choose payment methods and tap on the ‘+’ button at the bottom right to add the new payment option. If you have Add Net banking as an option, click on it and see if your bank is listed. Google has partnered with 38 banks so far.

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