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The festive season of Navratri is here! This year, the Chaitra Navratri starts on 22nd March! To celebrate this auspicious time, we want to dedicate an article to the devotees of Goddess Durga. This time of the year is celebrated all over India with lots of verve and excitement. People like to share their happiness and well-wishes with their friends and family. If you’re looking for some Happy Navratri Status Video to seek the blessing of the Goddess Shakti, we’ve got you! Do check out our Navratri videos with music, Happy Navratri Video Status Download Hindi mp4 and Navratri WhatsApp Status MP4 download! 

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Navratri is celebrated in different forms, but the widely accepted reason for celebrating Navratri is to celebrate Goddess Durga. Durga is the representation of the feminine in our Gods. Therefore, Navratri, at its core, is the celebration of feminine divinity. The tradition of Kanya Pujan celebrates young girls. All little girls are believed to be a form of Durga herself. Some people invite little girls to their homes all 9 days of the Navratri festival. They are treated as Goddesses and given prasad as food. Little girls are considered pure and holy in the Hindu culture. If you’re a fan of this tradition, do download our next Happy Navratri 2023 video and status: 

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Durga and her Eight Avatars – Know About the Navdurga 

Navratri is made up of two words – “Nav” and “Ratri” which translate to “Nine Nights”. This is why Navratri lasts for 9 nights and 10 days. The festival commemorates the famous battle between Durga and the demon Mahishasura. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Durga and her eight avatars — the Navadurga – are the exclusive focus of these nine days. Each day is associated with a particular incarnation of Durga! Let’s know more about these nine days and their significance after our special Navratri Whatsapp Status Video Download and Navratri special status second video: 

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Shailaputri, Day 1

This day is known as Pratipada and is associated with Parvati’s incarnation Shailaputri. Durga is worshipped as Shiva’s wife in this form. She is pictured riding the bull Nandi and holding a trishula in her right hand and a lotus in her left. Mahakali is regarded as the direct manifestation of Shailaputri. The color orange is dedicated to her and the day represents action and vigor. Shailaputri is also known as Hemavati and is thought to be a reincarnation of Sati. 

Let us look at some more Happy Navratri videos for Free Download Full screen video status on Navratri 2023 which you can share as special Navratri wishes video status this Navratri: 

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Maa Shailaputri, Day 1 Whatsapp Status Video

Brahmacharini, Day 2 

Goddess Brahmacharini, another manifestation of Parvati, is adorned on Dwitiya. Yogini was Parvati’s unmarried self in this incarnation. Brahmacharini is revered for her ability to grant liberation, or moksha, as well as serenity and prosperity. She represents bliss and peace by strolling barefoot and holding a Japa mala (rosary) and a kamandala (pot) in her hands. This day’s color scheme is blue. The color white, which represents purity, is occasionally utilized, although powerful energy is present throughout. 

Before moving forward, here are some more videos for your Navratri celebrations: 

Happy Navratri 2023 Status Video, Durga Puja 2023 Status Video 

Maa Brahmacharini Status Video Download

Chandraghanta, Day 3 

The puja of Maa Chandraghanta is done on Tritiya. After marrying Shiva, Parvati decked her forehead with the Ardha Chandra. As a result, she was given the name Chandraghanta. She is the personification of beauty as well as a sign of bravery. The third day’s color is Red.

Kushmanda, Day 4 

On Chaturthi, Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped. Kushmanda is believed to be the universe’s creative power. She is related to the endowment of flora (flowers and plants) on Earth. The color of the day is Royal Blue. She is depicted with eight arms and is seated atop a tiger.

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Maa Kushmanda status video download for Navratri Day 4

Skandamata, Day 5

Skandamata, the goddess revered on Panchami, is Skanda’s mother (or Kartikeya). The hue Yellow is representative of a mother’s transformative strength when her kid is in peril. She is shown as having four arms, riding a fearsome lion, and holding her kid.

Katyayani, Day 6

Shashtami is the day of Katyayani who is portrayed to exhibit courage. She is signified by the color green. She is known as the “warrior goddess” and is one of Durga’s most destructive manifestations. Katyayani rides a lion and has four hands in this avatar. Parvati, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati are all forms of her. 

Matarani Navratri 2023 Whatsapp Status Video – Navratri Whatsapp Status Video

Kaalaratri, Day 7

Maa Kaalratri Status Video Download for Navratri Day 7

Kalaratri, the most destructive manifestation of Goddess Durga, is honored on Saptami. Parvati is said to have shed her fair skin to kill the demons Sumbha and Nisumbha. Grey is the color of the day. With a lot of fury in her blazing gaze, the Goddess emerges in a crimson-colored outfit or tiger hide, and her skin goes black. The crimson color represents prayer and assures believers that the Goddess would keep them safe. 

Mahagauri, Day 8

Mahagauri is a symbol of wisdom and tranquility. It is said that after taking a bath in the Ganga river, Kaalaratri’s skin lightened dramatically. The color Purple is the color of the day. On Ashtami, she is honored.

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Siddhidatri, Day 9

People pray to Siddhidhatri on the festival’s final day, also known as Navami. She is said to possess and impart all forms of Siddhis while sitting on a lotus. She has four hands in this picture. The peacock green color of the day expresses admiration for nature’s beauty. Parvati, Lord Shiva’s wife, is Siddhidatri. Siddhidhatri is also known as Shiva’s and Shakti’s Ardhanarishvara form. Legends say that one side of Lord Shiva’s body is the body of Siddhidatri. This is why he is referred to as Ardhanarishwara. Lord Shiva gained all the siddhis by adoring this Goddess.

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We hope you liked this informative article we shared with you about all the avatars of Maa Durga. Now you can celebrate your Navratri with verve and enthusiasm on each of the nine days while knowing the significance of it. During Navratri people also look for Navratri Bhajans with Video and Happy Navratri Songs. Let us now look at our last video: happy navratri status video download

Do share this article with your friends and family if you liked it. We wish everyone a very Happy Navratri 2023.

Navratri Wishes in English

9 days of prayers, 9 nights of joy, Navratri is here, my friend. May Goddess Durga bless you for your prayers! Memories of performing our prayers together, Memories of Navratri celebrations gone by, Moments that will stay with me forever.

May this festival be the harbinger of joy and prosperity. As the holy occasion of Navratri is here and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of mirth and love, here’s hoping this festival will be great for you!

Maa bharti jholi khali!
Maa Ambe vaishno wali!
Maa Sankat harna wali!
Maa Vipda Mitane wali!
Maa ke sabhi bhakto ko Navratri ki Hardik Subh Kamnayen!

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