The 4 Paths of Yoga – Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, and Raja

4 paths of yoga

Yoga is the definite answer to having a peaceful mind, body, and soul. Let’s discuss today the 4 paths of yoga. Yoga and Meditation are the best ways to rejuvenate within minutes but did you know what roles do the four paths of yoga play in our lives?

4 paths of yoga

4 Paths of Yoga

There is more to yoga than just asanas. Only a few people know that yoga suggests 4 different paths for practicing to achieve what we need from yoga. The practice of yoga offers pathways, which removes mental impurities and lead the way back to the truth we already know in our hearts. Let’s find out more about the four paths of yoga. 

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4 paths of yoga – Karma Yoga

4 paths of yoga

Karma yoga is the path of action and suits those who have an active temperament. This suits people who perform actions selflessly, without thinking of the success or reward. It helps in purifying the heart and reduces ego. Yoga karma is the best way to prepare one for silent meditation. It also leads individuals to the path of selfless service. Most people are surprised to know that Mother Teresa was also a Karma Yogi. This path of Yoga mostly resonates with those who are community-based and have an outgoing nature.

4 paths of yoga – Bhakti Yoga

4 paths of yoga

Bhakti yoga is the path of devotion and is perfect for people who are emotional. Chanting mantras is an essential part of Bhakti yoga and involves prayer, worship, and following rituals in order to see the divine embodiment of love. It believes that when a lack of faith in the Divine or Sacred Essence causes one to lose connection to our Divine Self, the solution is love, surrender, and devotion to the divine qualities in everything. 

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4 paths of yoga – Jnana Yoga

4 paths of yoga

Jnana Yoga is the path of wisdom or knowledge and suits intellectual people. It helps in recognizing one’s true supreme self. This path maintains control on our ego-based ignorance which keeps us away from knowing our true nature. It believes in using techniques of logic and reasoning into finding one’s way to their own nature.

4 paths of yoga – Raja Yoga

4 paths of yoga

Raja Yoga is a way of controlling the body and mind. Asanas and pranayama from Hatha Yoga are an integral part of this path of yoga. One of its main practice is silent meditation, where the body and mental energy gradually transform into spiritual energies. This path of yoga believes that the restlessness of the mind causes the attention to get carried away in stories and disconnects from our true essence. And when this happens, the solution is to calm the mind with the help of meditation. It is also true that most yoga classes in society are steeped in the Raja Yoga path these days. It mostly suits those with a nature that resonates with method-based practices.

Well, now we know all the 4 paths of yoga and even though these appear different from one another, there is really only ‘one yoga – One Union’. All these paths lead to enlightenment and so one must know that whichever aspect of life pops up, you must begin to incorporate these paths of Yoga into your lives accordingly. 

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