5 Tips for easy weight loss!

5 Tips for easy weight loss!

5 tips for easy weight loss – Too lazy to get up and go to the gym? Too tired after a long day at work? Absolutely no motivation or desire to even try to reach your body goal? Don’t worry, you’re just one of many. Here are some tips that will push you in the right direction.

#1. Burn off calories while lying down

Burn off calories while lying down

By doing exercises that require little to no effort, you can burn off calories while watching your favorite sitcom.
-Leg raises: Raise your legs till they are perpendicular to your body and bed, then bring them down quickly without letting them touch the bed. Do this 10-12 times and increase the intensity as you go.
-Cycling: Lie down with your back flat and your arms under your head. Raise your legs with your knees bent and move your legs like you would while you’re cycling. Do this for 11-12 minutes each day and increase the time and speed as you go.

#2. Take the stairs

Take the stairs
Honestly, it makes a huge difference. Try taking the stairs while climbing up a couple of floors.
-Take quick short steps and climb up fast.
-After creating a rhythm, try taking 2-3 steps in one go and you’re going to end up doing lunges unknowingly.

#3. Work out less

Work out less

Instead of working out for hours on end, a short 15-30 minute high-intensity workout burns more calories than a prolonged low intensity work out.

#4. Watch your favorite comedy or horror movies!

Watch your favorite comedy or horror movies!

Laughing intensely for an hour can burn as much as 100 calories and 90 minutes of an extremely scary movie can burn up to 113 calories.

#5. Wear your best, feel your best


Just by simply wearing your gym clothes at home, you can end up feeling more active and more motivated to work out or just be on your feet. When bored, since you’re already in your gym clothes, you might as well convince yourself enough to go and get a workout in.

Follow these steps to the ‘T’ and you’ll slowly feel yourself becoming healthier and stronger.

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