5 tips for dealing with morning sickness

Pregnancy is surely an amazing ride, but let’s face it, dealing with morning sickness is the most difficult nut to crack! If you’re also suffering from one of those crazy phases in your life, where mornings are never pleasant and you feel nauseated and dizzy almost all the time in the morning, here’re some tips for you!

  • Take our time to get out of bed: Don’t jump out of bed as soon as you are up. Allow yourself some time in the bed after getting up. Eat some light snack, some crackers or nuts, etc. and then slowly move out of bed.

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  • Ginger Tea: Some women are relieved by the hot cup of Ginger tea in the morning. Ginger has long been used to aid abdominal discomfort and it also helps in digestion. Also take a light snack right in the morning. Empty stomach worsens the morning sickness, hence, don’t starve yourself. Breakfast in bed is yet another excellent option you should definitely consider!
  • Avoid anything that can trigger morning sickness: Morning sickness is specially triggered by unpleasant smell. So, just be away from anything that can trigger your morning sickness. Sniff lemon extract or rosemary to keep the morning at bay!

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  • Stay Hydrated: Count the glasses of water and other fluids you take, monitor it closely, so that you never keep yourself dehydrated for long. Dehydration makes the nauseating feeling worse, hence it is important to take fluids at regular intervals.

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  • Get plenty of rest: This one though is needless to state, but it is an important one! You’re carrying a baby inside you and there is no way you don’t need any rest, because your body needs to have rest. Stop stressing over household chores or work-problems. Tiredness and stress can worsen the morning sickness, hence have enough sleep to make you feel fresh when you are up.

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