7 Tips to Cut the Calorie intake While Dining Out

Let’s face it, we can’t always eat at home! We all deserve to dine out sometime, but that should not mean that we forget the calorie intake while dining out and the weighing scale is mean to us the next day! Knowing what to eat when is an art and with our health-series, we hope to inculcate this in you! Here’re some of the incredible ways which can surely help you in lowering the calorie intake while you’re dining outside!

1. Don’t skip meals before

Don’t skip meals before

Almost all of us skip regular breakfast and lunch if we’re planning to go on a dinner date! It should NEVER be done as it makes you really hungry while you’re at the dinner and you end up eating more than you should have! So, have a healthy snack just before leaving to avoid overeating!

2. Have protein and fiber as a starter

Have protein and fiber as a starter

Both protein and fiber will make you feel full soon enough thereby escaping you from eating more than usual.

3. Be the first one to order

Be the first one to order

When your friends order crispy onion rings or cheesy fries, you would surely want to reconsider your slightly healthy options, the best way to avoid this situation is to be the first one to order.

4. Put your fork down frequently

Put your fork down frequently

Go slow, friend! Really, it’s the key to avoid overeating. Don’t rush while eating food. Take your time and keep it really slow!

5. Go easy on sauces and dressings

Go easy on sauces and dressings

Ketchup, mayo and salad dressings contain the lot of sugar and calorie that can surely get your sadist weighing scale coiled up! So, don’t be generous while eating it.

6. Skip the cheese

Skip the cheese

As a cheese-lover, I know it’s the most difficult thing to do! But, if you’re on diet, be strong, know that you can do it. Don’t order anything that has cheese in excess! Even if it’s your cheat day, indulge in small quantity.

7. Avoid the combo meals

Avoid the combo meals

Combo meals are formulated to make the person eat more! They aren’t for you. You should strictly avoid carbonated beverages while eating your food as they have enough calories to wreck your diet. So, order individual items. NEVER go for a combo meal!

So, these are a few tips that can come in handy for managing calories intake while dining out! Do try them out next time you go out. You are welcome to share your experiences and more tips for all of us to benefit.

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