Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugar Detox Diet

advantages and disadvantages of sugar detox

Are you planning to undergo a sugar detox? Although many people prefer to go ahead with a sugar detox diet, many doctors still strictly stand in opposition to it. Therefore, your first step should be to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of sugar detox and then make a decision.

advantages and disadvantages of sugar detox

Sugars are a part of almost every other food we eat. Having sugar in excess could drive you towards many health associated problems. A gain in weight and cholesterol level, high blood pressures and onset of diabetes are some of them. However, it is worthy to take note that sugar is not the sole contributor of many disorders. Anything taken in access leads to health alterations, the same goes with sugar.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of sugar detox diet:

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Weight loss:

Weight loss

Sugar is loaded with calories. Adhering to a stringent sugar detox diet can help you to lose weight to a significantly greater extent. More specifically, the intake of sugar-laden beverages is the root cause of increased weight.

Supports good health for your heart:

Supports good health for your heart

When you reduce your sugar intake, it helps you to optimise your blood pressure levels. Further, with a reduced bad LDL cholesterol level, your heart health stays entirely fit and fine. The 2014 research work concluded that those who derive their calories (17 to 21 per cent) from sugary stuff are more prone to a cardiovascular arrest.

Reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer:

Reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer

Onset and progression of diabetes are directly associated with the sugar intake. The lesser sugar you consume, the lower are your chances of suffering from diabetes. Chopping off sugars from your daily food intake shall help you to effectively fight off the colorectal and prostate cancers.

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Improvises your cognitive functioning:

The sugar detox diet helps in shielding you from various brain disorders. The most notable amongst these are inflammation, dementia, Alzheimer’s and related neurological disorders.

Overall, it helps you to boost your immune response and functions as a defence mechanism.

You need sugars to perform hard core workouts:

You need sugars to perform hard core workouts

If you are amongst those who prefer to rely on a hard core exercise, refraining yourselves from high carb content would do no good to you. Carbohydrates are essential for those who are dependent on high-intensity workouts. These carbohydrates are further broken down into liquid sugars that work as a source of fuel to strengthen your muscle.


You might actually put on your weight:

It is a human tendency to supplement the things we can’t have with other alternatives. So if you are planning to observe a strict sugar detox regime, check out that you don’t replace it with alternatives that might indirectly contain some hidden sugars.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of sugar detox. Before you start practicing it, it is recommended to undergo a medical consultation for it. 

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