Advantages and disadvantages of the Military Diet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Diet

Military Diet refers to the short term calorie restriction diet. If you are entirely new to the term, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of Military Diet, to begin with.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Diet

What is the Military Diet?

The military diet is the one that focuses on curbing out the calories from your diet and helps you to achieve your set weight loss goals. It has two operational stages: a 3-day plan, followed by a 4-day plan for a week.

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3 days of observing military diet:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Diet

When you are following a strict military diet, your diet planner works out on a blueprint of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Throughout the three days of your diet, every single calorie intake is accounted for. The military diet is the one that restricts your calorie intake to just 1000 calories per day for the three days.

What on the remaining four days?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Diet

Military diet gives you a little ease for the next four days. Now, you can have around 1500 calories per day for the remaining four days of the week.

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What does your military diet look like?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Diet

Day 1:

Breakfast: Grapefruit (1/2), Toast (1 slice), peanut butter (2 tablespoons), Coffee/Tea.

Lunch: Tuna (1/2 cup), Toast (1 slice), Coffee/Tea.

Dinner: Any meat type (3 ounces), green beans (1 cup), banana (1/2), small apple (1), and vanilla ice cream (1).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Diet

Day 2:

Breakfast: egg (1), toast (1 slice), banana (1).

Lunch: Cottage cheese (1 cup), hard-boiled egg (1), saltine crackers (1).

Dinner: Hot dogs with no bun (2), broccoli (1 cup), carrots (1/2 cup), banana (1/2), and vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup).

Day 3:

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Breakfast: saltine crackers (5), cheddar cheese (1 slice), small apple (1).

Lunch: cooked egg (1), toast (1 slice).

Dinner: Tuna (1 cup), banana (1/2), vanilla ice cream (1 cup).

Advantages and disadvantages of Military Diet:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Military Diet

No snack is the first rule in Military Diet. This diet requires a pre-planned diet schedule entirely devoid of temptation.

You should know how to refrain from the usage of added condiments. Also, differential cooking techniques should be avoided which gives rise to your cravings to eat more.

The military diet restricts your fluid intake only to include water, tea or black coffee. You will have to chop down all your cravings for sugary or alcoholic fluids.

However, Military diets are researched to be mood boosters, sleep improvisers, and sex life enhancers.

The diet misses on important foods such as salmon, and almonds rich in essential vital nutrients.

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