Belly Fat Can Cause More Health Issues

belly fat can cause more health issues


Good fat can be good for our body but belly fat can cause more health issues in our body and majorly women in comparison to men. Fats that accumulates in the thighs, arms or buttocks can be challenging to get rid of but is harmless. It is true that belly fat is more dangerous than any other type of body fat.

Here you will understand how belly fat can cause more health issues… belly fat can cause more health issues

Belly fat can cause more health issues because when the fat accumulates around the abdominal region it risks the active (functioning) organs around it. Organs are most metabolically active and have a higher risk of being linked to diseases like heart diseases, dementia, and cancers. These can be hazardous even if you have excess fat inside your abdomen. This can be dangerous to any body type, overweight or underweight. It only concerns about the amount of fat present in the abdominal region.

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Belly fat is not just harmful to you internally but even externally. It is the only type of fat that takes the maximum time to reduce down. It involves daily exercises like, walking, running and strength training. It does not shed by any type of toning exercises. Along with these exercises you need to create a wholesome diet and follow it consistently to actually get rid of that belly fat.

It is a fact that people with more fat in their waist i.e., waist-to-hip ratio or waist-to-height ratio have greater risks of suffering through heart attacks than women with heavier body mass index (BMI, weight in relation to height).

belly fat can cause more health issues

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In conclusion that belly fat can cause more health issues, we finally know that it is harmful to women to have belly fat as it can cause a lot of trouble in reducing it and also have risks to major diseases, like cancer, and heart diseases (especially heart attacks).

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