Curry Leaves Benefits: Find out how useful curry leaves are for pimple, acne, hair fall, weight-loss and our overall health

benefits of curry leaves

Find out the health benefits of curry leaves. You may not even know curry leaves play an important part when you are looking for home remedies for pimples, acne, hair fall, weight-loss and other health-related issues.

We Indians love over-the-top flavors and undoubtedly the lip-smacking flavor and aroma of roasted curry leaves immediately energize our senses. The inception of using curry leaves or ‘sweet neem’, dates back to the 1st century AD. Tracing back to early historical times of Tamil Nadu and Kannada, people used curry leaves as a medicine as well as an exemplary agent for that extra robust tang. The wealth of nutrients these small leaves have makes it an important plant for medicinal purposes as well.benefits of curry leaves

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing benefits of the blissful gift of mother nature that you must know.

We hope that reading this article will convince you to inculcate the habit of consuming curry leaves in your daily diet.

 Health benefits of Curry Leaves – Uses of Curry Leaves

  • Curry leaves can be used as a natural tonic for boosting up your immunity. Wondering how? Well, these aromatic leaves are loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will purify your blood and detox your whole body efficiently.
  • Curry leaves have profound amounts of calcium and iron. They also regulate high sugar levels and hence are recommended for diabetic patients. Folks! All you have to do is to chew 2-3 of them daily, empty stomach in the morning.
  • Are you also worried about bunches of hair strands in your comb? Yes, you caught our hint. Curry Leaves are an excellent home remedy for damaged hair. They help in delaying premature greying and make your hair stronger from roots. It also prevents dandruff and hair thinning.
  • If your stomach is not in the mood to do some work on any day, or maybe you feel nauseous frequently, then an excellent solution is to consume a glass of plain buttermilk with some roasted curry leaves daily in the morning. You will yourself witness your digestion getting improved day by day.

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Health benefits of Curry Leaves – Uses of Curry Leaves

  • If you are a teenager suffering from acne and pimples, then consuming curry leaves (at least 5-6) is an outstanding alternative. It comes handy in removing all dirt and grime from within. You can boil curry leaves in some water, cool it down, add some honey for taste, and consume it slowly in the morning. Voila! Enjoy that extra glow on the skin.
  • Curry leaves are one of the potential sources of vitamin A which is a quintessential nutrient for a good vision.
  • A magical concoction of curry leaves and turmeric is effective for treating boils on the body, wounds, insect bites, or seasonal allergies.
  • We all must have seen elderly people using twigs or branches of curry plants as a natural cleanser for teeth. Because not only it helps to strengthen teeth and gums but also prevents oral fungal infections.

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Health benefits of Curry Leaves – Home remedies for weight-loss 

The ‘carbazole alkaloids’ in these leaves help in shedding those extra kilos, reduces LDL cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Apart from an arcade of nutrients, curry leaves have a potency of volatile compounds like alpha-pinenebeta-pinene that are intensely crucial for good metabolism. Also rich in high amounts of phosphorus, it helps in cleansing the kidneys.

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