Is sunlight beneficial for your weight loss?

benefits of sunlight in weight loss

benefits of sunlight in weight loss – Researchers working on exploring the effects of sunlight on those suffering from type1 diabetes are now out with a new weight loss solution.

What we know until now?

benefits of sunlight in weight loss

  • Till date, the direct benefit of sunlight in weight loss was not known. Here is how sunlight benefits your body to create a favorable environment and help in your weight loss goals.
  • Seasonal affective disorder (a drop in the serotonin levels due to lack of sunlight) affects your appetite and feeling of satiation.
  • Brobeck’s theory states that with the presence of excess sunlight, your body temperature rises. This rise in body temperature decreases your cravings for food.
  • Also, summer activities such as hiking, walking, or camping facilitate you to burn your calories faster. This is one of the greatest and the fastest ways of weight loss.

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What does the current research focus on?

What does the current research focus on

Research study worked out by the University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada) highlights the benefits of sunlight in weight loss regime. Peter Light of Alberta Diabetes Institute in association and others were the geniuses involved in this research study.

The teamwork focused on analysing the effects of sunlight on the subcutaneous layer of fat cells. These subcutaneous layer of fat cells are the ones which are present right beneath your derma.

The present research work marks its presence in the journal named Scientific Reports.

Mechanism of sunlight to burn your weight faster:

Mechanism of sunlight to burn your weight faster

The research team examined the subcutaneous adipose tissues for genetically engineering the insulin production in the presence of sunlight. It is this subcutaneous fatty tissue layer which represents a significant fat depot in humans. Besides, it also plays a chief role in regulating the entire metabolism process of our body.

This white fat further creates a problem related to cardiometabolic disorders. Interestingly the scWAT(Subcutaneous white adipose tissue) cells begin to shrink in the presence of the blue sunlight. This blue light is solely responsible for triggering our attention and regulating our mood swings throughout the day.

To justify their accidental discovery, the scientists analyzed the scWAT cells of patients undergoing weight loss surgery.

The research study finally infers that the blue light is responsible for reducing the size of the lipid droplets and emancipating our cells from bad fats.

Thus, the research from Light and his associates presents an interesting inference on the benefits of sunlight in weight loss and urges budding scientists to elaborate the same further.

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