Better Weight loss option- Fasting or traditional diet?

fasting or traditional diet

Whether one should opt for either fasting or traditional diet to lose weight is an ongoing and probably a never-ending debate. Various ongoing studies are of the view that fasting diets are a current trend. Perhaps, these diets are no more effective than their traditional counterparts.

fasting or traditional diet

One such research study focused on the concept of alternate fasting. Here, the concerned individual undergoes fasting on every alternate day. It means, he limits his calorie intake either partially or entirely on that day. However, on the non-fasting days, he tends to increase his calorie intake more than he should.

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Let’s take a glimpse of a research study focusing on which method is preferable- fasting or traditional diet:

The study involves a random cluster of 100 individuals classified as obese adults. These adults were further distributed into three different groups. The first group was labelled as alternate day fasting group; second as traditional diet group, and the third one was no diet group. The calorie consumption of these three groups was:

Alternative fasting group: 25 percent (500 calories) on fasting days and 125 percent calories on non-fasting days.  

Traditional diet group: 75 percent of the calorie intake on per day basis.

fasting or traditional diet

After around six months, those two groups that relied either on alternate day fasting or traditional diet saw a decrease of more than 7 percent of their body weight.

Further, within a year, around 38 percent of the individuals stepped aside from the alternate fasting group. These were the participants who were unsatisfied with the dietary patterns that followed the alternate dieting. On the contrary, only 29 percent of participants dropped out of the traditional dieting group.

Researchers further observed that the individuals in the alternate dieting groups were more prone to cheat on their fasting days. To balance their intake, these participants would then consume slightly less than their pre-defined intake on non-fasting days.

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The study indicates no significant demarcation between the two fasting groups concerning cardiovascular disorders, insulin and triglyceride levels.

fasting or traditional diet

However, researches are proving fasting diets to be preferable than their traditional counterparts. Perhaps, those studies were meant for a shorter duration. In lieu of them, the new studies are defined to be longest-running trials focusing more on alternate dietary patterns.

These ongoing and longest running trials to prove which is better- fasting or traditional diet, seems to go far beyond. Researchers convey that the future of these studies shall be directed towards unveiling the human traits of which motivates to switch over to alternate dietary patterns.

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