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breathing exercises for lungs

Breathing exercises for Lungs – Taking good care of our health has always been important.  But in the present time, it has become more important when we are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, which also affects our respiratory system. In such a situation, it becomes very important for us to keep our lungs strong.  Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to do breathing exercises every day.breathing exercises for lungs

Breathing exercises help you to calm your mind, balance energy, stabilize your mood and increase concentration.  So let’s know about some of the breathing exercises to strengthen the respiratory system.

Breathing exercises for Lungs



Kapalbhati is a yogasana, which has been considered a part of pranayama. During this exercise, a rapid exhalation process is done, which can cure various diseases.  It is believed that this asana cleanses the respiratory system and increases blood flow within the body. It is also said that regular use of Kalapbhati can keep your mind calm and the lungs become strong.

The right way to do Kapalbhati:

1: Sit comfortably on the ground with your palms on the knees, palms facing up, hitting the palm. Keep your spine straight.

2: Take a deep breath through your nose and as you exhale, pull your navel and abdomen towards the spine.

3: Quickly exhale through your nose while relaxing your navel and stomach.

4: Repeat this process 10 to 15 times and then exhale slowly.

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Breathing exercises for Lungs

Anuolam Vilom

Anuolam Vilom

This yoga practice is a way to cleanse your respiratory system. This type of breathing exercise helps you to manage stress levels, reduce anxiety and promote overall health well-being.  By doing this regularly, the respiratory system remains strong.

The correct way to Reverse Anuolam:

 1: Sit comfortably on the ground keeping your back straight.

 2: To make yourself comfortable in this position, exhale slowly and breathe.

3: Now bend your middle and index finger, bring your right hand in nasal posture.

 4: Close the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand.  Take a deep breath from your left nostril and then close it with your ring finger and little finger.

5: Open your right nostril and exhale.  Then breathe through your right nostril and close with your thumb.  Open your left nostril again and exhale.

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Breathing exercises for Lungs

Lip Breathing

Lip Breathing

We always breathe through our nose and we do the same breathing while exercising.  But in lip breathing exercise, we inhale by rounding our lips with our mouth. This practice helps in inhaling as much oxygen and also helps to give you peace and control of breathing.

To do lip breathing:

1: Sit upright in a comfortable position and place your hand on your knees.

 2: Inhale for a few seconds through your nose and try to fill your stomach with air instead of your lungs.

 3: Now inhale through your lips and breathe slowly for 4 to 6 seconds.

4: Repeat this 5-10 times.

Breathing exercises for Lungs

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

We all must have heard about deep breathing at some time.  Often when you are stressed, someone tells you to just take a deep breath.  Deep breathing is the most effective respiratory practice and strengthens the lungs.  It opens all the doors of the lungs and expels the impure air.

 To do deep breathing:

  1. First of all sit upright in a comfortable place, whichever posture you are comfortable with.
  2. Now take a deep breath and hold it as much as you can.
  3. After holding the breath, release it comfortably and then hold it.
  4. You have to hold it for 5 seconds after breathing each time.

Breathing exercises for Lungs

These breathing exercises will not only help you stay healthy, but you will be able to cope with the situations in a better way by relieving stress.

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