How much Calcium should a toddler take in a day?


Calcium should a toddler take in a day, Calcium is needed by toddlers for bones and teeth, proper functioning of nerves and muscle building, in activating the enzymes that regulate the conversion of food into energy and in blood clotting. For toddlers, aged from 1 to 3 years, an average of 700mg of calcium is required for healthy functioning of the body elements. In order to maintain a proper balance in body functioning, you can include the following food sources in your kid’s diet.

  1. Milk


2 cups of milk in a day in either full fat or low-fat form is essential for your kid. This has about 500 mg of calcium which if included along with other calcium-rich food, might complete the daily requirements of calcium in your kid’s body.

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  1. Dairy Products

Dairy Products

If your kid hates milk, he wouldn’t be the first one to detest. You can include other dairy products like 1 cups of yogurt, or 2 ounces of cheddar cheese or American cheese, or frozen yogurt which might appeal to his taste buds along with giving him required calcium. (1 serving of above-mentioned quantity has 400 mg of calcium).

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  1. Hates all of the milk and dairy products?

Hates all of the milk and dairy products

So, your kid is really a real picky eater? Don’t worry. In such cases, you can make him fruit smoothies including milk, yogurt, and peanut butter, or you can sprinkle cheese in pasta or salad which shall satiate his taste buds and satisfy his daily calcium requirements. 100gms of peanut butter contains about 43 mg of calcium.

  1. Vegetables and Bread

Vegetables and Bread

Include vegetables like broccoli, beans, kale, peas, collard greens, which have an appropriate amount of calcium. You can also give oranges, tofu, calcium fortifies bread and cereals and so much more (use labels on the products you buy at the supermarket) to add variation to the source of vitamin to your kid’s diet. 100gm of broccoli has about 47 mg of calcium.

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  1. Sardines and Canned Salmons

Sardines and Canned Salmons

If your kid loves non-vegetarian dishes, these two are excellent sources of calcium with Vitamin. While 100gm of sardine fish contains 382 mg of calcium, 3 oz of canned salmons contain 181 mg of calcium.

Remember to keep a proper intake of Vitamin D too for complete utilization of calcium intake in the body.

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