Can colorful foods help boost immunity

colorful foods help boost immunity

We know that Immunity is a balanced state of multi-cellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight infections, diseases or other unwanted biological invasions while having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy and autoimmune diseases. The question many people wonder is if colorful foods can help boost immunity?

Well, it’s true that colorful foods can help boost immunity. Here is how…

“You must think of your diet as a rainbow”.

colorful foods can help boost immunity

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Our immune system needs all nutrients to function normally. This means that our diet requires all vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, etc… hence, colorful.

The colorful foods that help in boosting immunity include yogurts, herbs, and spices, which include turmeric and ginger. Also, all vegetables and fruits in red, orange and yellow colors tend to have vitamin C which has antioxidants and Phyto-nutrients which help in boosting immunity. This includes bell peppers.

Citrus fruits like tomato, strawberry, kiwi, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower, etc. also help in boosting our immunity. You should try to eat these when they are fresh and not contain them for long periods of time as it can reduce vitamin C content in the food.

Now you must know that Vitamin D plays an important role in our immunity system, so, any vegetable that has Vitamin D also helps in boosting immunity in our body. There are still some foods that aren’t so colorful but help in boosting immunity like, nuts or garlic, etc. These are sources of selenium, which is a mineral. It helps the body to generate special proteins, i.e, antioxidant enzymes which prevent cell damage.

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With more variety of colors of healthy food on your plate, you tend to consume all things healthy and also avoid unnecessary junk. So you must try to eat all greens like arugula, broccoli, sprouts, kale, cabbage, etc… These are cruciferous veggies that are known to be rich in nutrients and include vitamins C, K, and E, also folate, minerals, and carotenoids which all help in boosting your immunity.

colorful foods can help boost immunity

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You must also try to eat fruits and veggies that are either blue in color or indigo or violet, like, dried fruits, figs and prunes. Why dried? This is because nutrients and fibers are more concentrated when water is removed. Also, dried fruits have antioxidants along with B vitamin folate.

You must try adding two or more sources of fiber in each meal a day. So, you can eat apples, oats, tofu, spinach, nuts, and chickpeas, etc. in order to consume fibers.

Along with all the tips above, you must always stay hydrated and get plenty of rest to stay fit mentally and physically.

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