Can men lose weight faster than women

Can men lose weight faster than women

Can men lose weight faster than women – Many individuals believe that when it comes to weight reduction, men tend to lose weight faster than women. Weight reduction plans regularly highlight the difference.  Compared to men, most of the women have around 6 to 10 percent more body fat this is assumed evolutionary adaptation to aid during pregnancy.  From adolescence to menopause women seems to have more body fat than men in spite of taking fewer calories.

Can men lose weight faster than women

There are various reasons for this huge difference between women and men when it comes to weight reduction. Most of the reasons are physiological that we just have no control over.

Lean Muscle tissue: Men in general, have more slender muscle tissue resulting in burning the calories faster. Men have a better digestion which is said to be around 5 to 10% quicker then women. Both of these result in faster weight loss.Lean Muscle tissue

The body responds faster: Men’s body responds faster to exercise while women need to work much harder. Women’s body actually goes into a type of starvation mode, reducing the metabolism to store more fat. 

The body responds faster

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Can men lose weight faster than women

Role of Hormones: Testosterone is an effective hormone, and men have around 10 times a greater amount of it than women . Testosterone hormone increases protein synthesis and lean body mass, which will then expand the resting metabolic rate. Eventually, this means men will burn more calories throughout the day. Similar to testosterone, Estrogen has its own advantages. It prepares the woman’s body for labor and boosts libido. However, this is no way related to the weight reduction in ladies.  In addition to the above fact, women have a higher level of body fat than men . However, researchers at the University of New South Wales discovered that estrogen diminishes women’s capacity to burn fat after eating.

Role of Hormones

Passionate eating: Unfortunately, when it comes to  passionate eating, women win. Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory discovered that women are most excited with the sight and smell of foods like pizza and cake.  Men are said to have better control on their yearnings while women tend to give in faster when it comes to the foods they love.

Passionate eating

Faster Metabolism: Men’s bodies react quicker to diets. According to research, when women and men were put on some weight loss programs ,men lost double the body weight and three times more body fat in a couple of months than women. However, both men and women need to burn around 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat.  

Faster Metabolism

Difference fat dissemination: Fat dissemination contrasts significantly between the genders. While ladies frequently increase fat on the butt and hips, men will in general bear abundance fat around the abdomen, where it’s all the more recognizable lost when they trim down. However, don’t wish for that shape as the apple physique happens to be more risky, putting guys at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancers due to the high visceral fat surrounding their crucial organs. A few extra pounds on a pear-shaped woman isn’t dangerous too.Difference fat dissemination

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