Can You Workout during Periods

can you workout during periods

The question is can you workout during periods? It is true that most of us sigh at the thought of working out during periods. This has actually become a common question for all girls, but if you’re concerned about your fitness routine and how your periods would affect it.

Here is what you must know.

There is no reason for you to miss out on your fitness routine at this time of the month. There are many physical and mental health benefits of doing exercises so you should try not to stop it while you’re on your periods. It is also true that during periods estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest and it makes you feel less energetic and mostly tired.

  • Aerobics:can you workout during periods You should try doing aerobic exercises as they can help in fading symptoms of weakness or mood swings. This can help because by doing exercises you get endorphin high enough to elevate your mood and feel better. It acts like a natural painkiller to your body.

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  • Circulation:can you workout during periods It is a fact that if you exercise during your periods your mood stays balanced and your circulation increases helping you in getting rid of cramps, back pains, headaches, etc…
  • Walking: can you workout during periodsIf you go through a lot of pain during your periods then rather than doing too many exercises you can try walking around your park near your home or taking your pets out yourself in the evenings. This can help in decreasing your pains. You can try to keep your cardio exercises at a low intensity during your periods but should not stop doing them.

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  • Yoga: can you workout during periodsYoga helps in making your mind clear. Yoga keeps your body relaxed and reduces your mood swings along with the physical pains you go through this time. You can feel less of the fatigue and more of the peacefulness around you.

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You must also remember that at any point of time if you feel like you can’t keep up with these exercises you must bring down the intensity of your fitness routine.

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