Causes for Diabetes

causes for diabetes

Increase in weight is probably the number one risk factor for diabetes. This is because belly fat hampers blood sugar regulatory organs. There are more factors that count as causes for diabetes like, genes or aging, etc… But most studies worldwide have proved that 60% of people with diabetes have diabetes due to weight gain.

causes for diabetes

This is explained in a process, the fat cells go in the belly and move around but do not go down to the hips. When it moves around our belly, the fat blocks the actions of insulin. Now, we know that insulin triggers our liver to take extra blood glucose and stores it as energy for future use. But if the liver is merged with the fat tissue, the insulin won’t be able to get the liver to respond. This will further make the blood sugar accumulate in our blood where it might damage any organ in the body. In such a case losing some weight and doing a little exercise can protect you from suffering from diabetes.

causes for diabetes

You must know that people with diabetes have a greater risk of suffering from heart attacks and strokes, which is why you must be concerned and must look for ways to reduce your weight in order to keep your health maintained. As a suggestion, I would recommend that you must walk 10,000 steps in a day on average.

As a fact it is also not true that people who are slim do not suffer from diabetes. Having slim legs but extra weight on your waist is equally risky.

causes for diabetes

Also, for a fact, the fat closest to our organs release metabolic products in our bloodstream indicating that fat cells push fatty acids in our liver, our heart, our pancreas, and other organs in our body which are not made to store fats. This leads to the irregular functioning of organs which also causes improper control of insulin levels, cholesterol and blood sugars, which adds on to increase the risk of more chronic diseases, which are also the causes for diabetes.

To avoid the risk of diabetes you must eat plenty of fibers, vegetables, and fruits and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Don’t forget to add proteins to your diet. Leave any consumption of alcohol and exercise to reduce belly fat. You can also try lifting weights because it is a great way to train your body to work on its metabolism and also helps in getting rid of belly fat if done along with some cardiovascular exercises.

There were some Causes for Diabetes that we tried to put across by giving you more knowledge. You must also know about how fasting is good for our health and health benefits of baking soda.

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