Why should you never miss on Regularly Clean your Beauty Tools

clean beauty tools regularly

Clean Beauty Tools Regularly – Glowing Skin is always in but, if you use makeup and are not taking the right steps in the skincare routine after applying makeup, you are probably going to land in trouble. People usually take their makeup off and sleep. Yes, it is the right thing to do, but it is also equally important that you clean beauty tools regularly.

Always remember: “Skincare is much more important than makeup.”

Here is why you must Clean Beauty Tools Regularly:

  • Bacteria Growth:

bacteria growth

When you begin to apply makeup, your makeup tools travel from your makeup bag into the products you use and onto your face. Sometimes your beauty tools also end up in your vanity or your bathroom slab. Basically, all makeup tools that you use come in contact with different surfaces which in all probability will have bacteria. An unclean makeup tool holds more bacteria than a researcher can even measure which is why you must clean your beauty tools at least once a week or can even clean them on spot after using it each time.

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  • Breakouts and Clogged Pores:

breakouts and clogging pores

Continuing the use of dirty makeup tools and putting them back into your products can cause serious vicious cycles. The dirty beauty tools carry the bacteria in the product. Now, even though you clean up the brush, the bacteria transferred in the product will still stay. Blemishes usually are a sign of unclean beauty tools. This also causes clogging of pores and uneven textures on the skin. Breakouts are also common if you use dirty tools for makeup. The pores get filled with all sorts of dirt, oil, makeup, etc and this can cause breakouts.

  • Redness:


When you continue using damaged brushes and other beauty tools, it can harden bristles and can change their original comfortable form. If you keep using the same tools even after such problems, your skin suffers from redness, itchiness, and irritation. An unclean/hard beauty tool also has a chance of giving rise to wrinkles.

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  • Staph Infection:

staph infection

Using shared makeup products can cause staph infection which can make you really sick and can also be life-threatening because of the type of bacteria present in the beauty tools.

  • Spotty Application:

spotty application

The difference between a new beauty tool and an old & unclean one is that the new one works better than the unclean one. This is because your unclean beauty tools hold different pigments and powders that give a muddy finish whereas a new tool would give you a flawless finish. You must also know that if you are having a hard time blending your makeup it’s probably because your beauty tools aren’t clean and if you continue with the same old ones without cleaning them up, it can also result in aging your face.

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  • Pink Eye:

pink eye

If you regularly share beauty products with others, you can never be certain of your tools being clean. Especially, sharing liner brushes, kajal, & other eye makeup can cause conjunctivitis and pinkeye.

  • Pulled Out Lashes:

pulled out lashes

If you use the same old lashes with the mascara from last time and add more mascara to it, your lashes will become clumpy and you will be risking on losing some more of your natural lashes in order to stick the old one with more sticky liquids. You must soak the old lashes in warm water and let it dry.

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  • Waste of Money:

waste of money

When you buy makeup products and beauty tools with it, you are spending money to buy it first. Now practically if you do not clean your beauty tools, they will start being of no use and will leave different types of acne, pimples and other infections and you will have to eventually buy new products and also spend on treating your skin back to normal, if possible, at all.

So, we hope the above-mentioned reasons are enough for you to understand the importance of keeping your tools clean and you would start doing that right now. 

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