Complication with male child conceived through IVF

male child conceived through IVF

Can men or a male child conceived through IVF inherit father’s fertility problems?

male child conceived through IVF tends to exhibit a reduced sperm concentration. Also, the quality of their sperm is lower as compared to those who are born through a natural process. These are the conclusions of studies worked out on boys conceived through the process of IVF. This IVF process is known as ICSI or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injections.

male child conceived through IVF

Majority of the IVF processes employed focus on mixing the sperm cells with suitable egg in a petri dish, till the process of fertilization accomplishes its task. On the contrary to these processes, the ICSI stands differently. Here, in ICSI, a single male sperm cell from an appropriate donor is injected into an appropriate egg directly to bring about the process of fertilization.

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ICSI techniques are now employed to figure out whether a male child conceived through IVF shows a hereditary passing of the infertility issue down the generation line. The research worked out by the Belgian team, moved ahead with the analysis of around 54 men sperm samples conceived through ICSI (1992-1996). These were later compared to the 57 male sperm samples born through a natural process. All subjects belonged to the age group of 18 to 22 years old.

male child conceived through IVF

When the readings from both the groups were compared to each other, the former group (54 men) showed a lower sperm count than the latter one (57 men). This was lower by three times than the sperm count of those born out of the natural process. Generally, a lower sperm count of around 15 million sperm per milliliter is considered to be in the normal range.

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Besides, those born out of the natural process exhibited twice the number of swimming sperm count than those born through ICSI. However, the researchers are nowhere giving a definite conclusion about the IVF mediated boy birth responsible for lowered concentration and quality of the sperm. They are more of the view that such researches might be helpful in unveiling the link between the father’s infertility issues and their son.

male child conceived through IVF

Researchers who worked on this project state that earlier the parents were informed about the possible disadvantages of the IVF process. It is still difficult to say that whether the infertility issues in sons are a direct conclusion of the genetics. On comparing the concentration of sperm and total motile sperm, there was no co-relation established for the figure between father and child.

Thus, this research on whether a male child conceived through IVF exhibit infertility problems of their father finds its fate in the journal Human Reproduction. 

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