The Connection between Food and Mood

connection between food and mood

Are you wondering what is the connection between food and mood? Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy mind and body. We all have certain days when we feel enthusiastic, energetic, great, well-balanced and pleasant. But we also have days when we feel low, unmotivated, irritable, hopeless, helpless and forgetful. This is because of the connection between food and mood. The physical and mental health are always interconnected.

Healthy eating habits can be hard to maintain in the modern lifestyle but must be adapted to maintain a healthy life and a balanced diet. Sometimes eating healthy makes you feel stressed which disrupts all your positive thoughts and your mood.

connection between food and mood

Here is the connection between Food and Mood.

  • Not having enough calories can lead to a lot of problems like foggy feeling, tiredness and a low energetic mood.
  • Not having the essential Vitamins and Minerals can cause depression, weakness, anxiety and many other mental disorders. It disrupts the brain’s chemistry and changes the mood and behavior of the person.
  • Eating a lot of processed food larges the waistline, makes you feel sluggish and leads to insulin imbalance and also inflammation on over-consumption of such foods.

It is true what you have heard, ‘you are what you eat’. There have been numerous researches on how some food help in improving your mood while others just make it worse.

connection between food and mood

Here is what you can do to make yourself happier and healthier by improving the connection between food and mood:

  • Don’t skip breakfast and eat your meals well-balanced, because skipping meals just makes your body frustrated and in turn makes you irritated. Try eating a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat proteins, it helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels of your body.
  • Avoid food which has high sugar content or refined carbohydrates because these are the major reasons for insulin imbalances. Instead of having sugar-sweetened desserts you can try eating a fruit.
  • Keep a check on your dietary fats because these play an important role in the functioning of the brain.
  • You must have the best of Vitamins because they help in reducing chances of depression and also keeps the mood stable and nice.
  • Choose healthy beverages because they improve blood flow and keep your brain well-hydrated. Green tea is best known to reduce anxiety and sharpen mental focus while you’re relaxing your mind.
  • Try having healthy snacks to give you the energy to work for the day and also keeps your body healthy.

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