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The changes in your exercise routine lead to tiny injuries in your muscle fibers and connective tissue, i.e, micro-tears in the muscles. About a day later, you’ll start to feel sore, we call that ‘delayed onset’ muscle soreness(DOMS), It peaks within about 48 hours, and then gradually gets better. It is common after exercise and usually means your muscles are getting stronger. The good news is that when you do the same activity again, your muscles will start getting used to it.

It’s normal to have sore muscles after you work out. It is normal especially if you did something you’re not used to, or if you suddenly kicked up your exercise intensity level or increased the length of your workout, or if you did unusual exercises that lengthen instead of shortening your muscles. It isn’t wrong to have sore muscles, it should not sideline you from exercising. You Should remember – ”NO PAIN NO GAIN.”

Here’s how you can get rid of sore muscles easily:

Warm up before exercising:


Once you begin to exercise, make sure you warm up well because that helps in reducing the pain in the muscles and also helps the sore to minimize.

Stretch your muscles:


When you feel the soreness in your muscles make sure to stretch. It will help you feel better and you should never miss your stretching after any workout.


Indulge in self-massage:

When you feel a lot of pain from the soreness you can massage the sore spot, it will relieve you from most of the pain and will make you feel relaxed.



It’s better to avoid salt for those who suffer from health conditions like heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes, for others you can simply mix salt in water and drink it twice a day.


Hydrate Yourself:

It is true that you must drink water to avoid most problems and it is applicable in the case of sore muscles as well. You must keep yourself hydrated for the body to remain fit.


Rest and Use your muscles:

You must rest a little more than usual but in order to not increase the pain you must use your muscles, the more you keep it normal the more quickly it will recover.


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