Daily Skin Care Routine For Normal Skin

Daily Skin Care Routine For Normal Skin Tips

While most skin care routines revolve around attempting to fix, minimize, or control whatever skin type or skin concern you’re struggling with, what if you’re one of those lucky people who have normal skin? Do you have to do nothing? The answer isn’t no. You also need to follow a daily skin care routine to keep your skin glowy.

Here’s the quick guide to how you should be maintaining your normal skin:

Morning Routine

Morning Routine

– Use a mild cleanser or facewash to cleanse the skin properly
– Apply toner for the boost of energizing, brightening and hydration of the skin.
– Apply light moisturizer. If you have to step out in the sun, apply moisturizer with SPF depending upon your sun exposure. More sun exposure would mean going heavy on the SPF.
– Apply a good lip balm.

During the day

-Repeat a coat of lip balm.
-Wipe your face with a wet tissue to remove any dirt.
-Apply a light coat of the moisturizer you used in the morning.

Night Routine

Night Routine

-Remove your makeup with a good make up remover.
-Use only eye makeup remover for removing eye make up.
-Apply the toner.
-Apply a thick moisturizer, antioxidant serum or a good night cream. If you have little dark under eye skin, use a good eye cream night cream. These will help in repairing skin damages done during the day.

Choosing the products

Apart from the above you can also exfoliate your skin on alternate days. Use soft exfoliator as harsh creams may do more harm than good. Choose your skin care products carefully. You don’t need to essentially buy very expensive products, but do invest in some good quality products.

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